Event #14: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.

david-singer-2579 Event #14 was a competitive one as the 18 names advancing to the final day included multi bracelet winners like Max Pescatori, Brandon Shack-Harris, Ian Johns, Richard Ashby, James Richburg and David “Bakes” Baker. Displacing names like Jan Stein, Adam Crawford, Jon Seaman, Yuval Bronshtein, Richard Ashby, Ian Johns, Frederic Moss and Paul Sokoloff. David Singer advanced to the final nine and outsmarted the bunch to add another bracelet to his win inventory with the $203,709 first place prize. At ninth place was Brandon Shack-Harris, followed by Esther Taylor (8th position). Kyle Loman (7th position) and David “Bakes” Baker (6th position) followed suite. Next on the elimination block were Mike Coombs (5th position), Max Pescatori (4th position) and Andrew Kelsall (3rd position).  Kevin LaMonica gave the nod for this not being his best play and that Singer had put him on tilt. Eventually retiring at the 2nd position with $125,904, LaMonica handed over the winning bracelet to David Singer.  

Final Table Results (USD)

1 David Singer $203,709
2 Kevin LaMonica $125,904
3 Andrew Kelsall $88,221
4 Max Pescatori $62,733
5 Mike Coombs $45,281
6 David “Bakes” Baker $33,184
7 Kyle Loman $24,696
8 Esther Taylor $18,669


Event #15: $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em Championship

Adrian Mateos
Each having ensued 5 matches over 129 entrants, John Smith, Ryan Riess, Adrian Mateos and Charlie Carrel sealed a payday of $125,454.

Taking up the 4th place after the 104th hand was the former WSOP Main Event champion, Ryan Reiss. Following suite after 37 hands at 3rd place was Charlie Carrel.  This led us to the final two, Mateos and Smith, shuffling for the Gold bracelet and top prize of $324,470. Finishing up the event in the same fashion as last year, Smith took the runners-up, clearing the win for the youngest three bracelet winner, Adrian Mateos. With the flop of ace-high, Smith went all-in with his queen-high against Mateos‘s straight and flush draws. But Mateos flush on the turn crushed Smith’s all in hopes and took home the grand win.

Final Table Results (USD)

1 Adrian Mateos $324,470
2 John Smith $200,538
3 Charlie Carrel $125,454
4 Ryan Riess $125,454
5 Ryan Hughes $56,909
6 Olivier Busquet $56,909
7 Jack Duong  $56,909
8 Ryan Fee  $56,909
9 Dan Smith  $24,881


Event #16: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed

Anthony_Marquez_2017 The event drew a total of 1,748 entrants, amping up the prize to a grand pool of $2,359,800. The top 263 players took home a minimum win of $2,247. Matt Stout (18th place – $20,434), Layne Flack (23rd place – $15,919), and Justin Bonomo (41st place – $8,187) made the money bubble on Day2 but were unable to qualify for the final table. Royce Matheson exited the table at 7th position. The first elimination on the final six table was of Ilkin Amirov followed by Matt Berkey (5th position) after 60 hands. Marquez scored a huge chip lead outsmarting Buckner’s pocket jacks and Weinman’s pocket kings by his ace-king that rivered him a leading straight. The chip lead was followed by Marquez winning over Demosthenes Kiriopoulos. With, Marquez bet 350,000 on the flop. Kiriopoulos went all-in with. A  on the turn and  on the river, Marquez was crowned the champion of $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed.

Final Table Results (USD)

1 Anthony Marquez $393,273
2 Demosthenes Kiriopoulos $242,978
3 Daniel Weinman $170,477
4 Steven Buckner $121,114
5 Matt Berkey $87,141
6 Ilkin Amirov $63,506


Event 17: $10,000 Dealer’s Choice 6-Handed Championship

John Racener
John Racener

Defeating 102 runners John Racener, took down many of the competitive names to take home his first bracelet and grand win of $273,962.

First to retire from the table was Shawn Buchanan (10th position), followed by Ben Yu (9th position). James Obst’s finished 8th against Matusow’s. Eric Crain was the first to get relegated from the seven-handed final table at the 7th position and Schuyler Thornton’s grinding followed at 6th position. Five hours of battling ended with Matusow retiring at the 5th position. Dennis Eichhorn, was the first one who couldn’t catch up to Racner’s eighty-six low in a hand of Pot-Limit 2-7 LowballIn. Opting to change the game to No-Limit Hold’em and ending the tournament in no less than three hands Racener brought the game to a close. Chris Klodnicki shoved all in with the and Racener called him down with theand held through. On the last hand, Zhukov moving all in with pocket sevens was defeated by Racener’s . “You have to plan for success,” Racener said. “I always said to myself that I wanted to win my first bracelet for my Mom. She’s always been my biggest fan, and she still is from up above. No matter what time of the day it was back home, with the three-hour time span, she would always stay up and sweat me online all night. Even if she had to get up for work at 8 a.m. She would stay up and sweat me until she had to go to work. I just really wanted to win the first one for her.” Less than ten hands and Racener was declared the chip leader eliminating Viacheslav Zhukov, wonChris Klodnicki and Dennis Eichhorn in descending succession.

Final Table Results (USD)

1 John Racener $273,962
2 Viacheslav Zhukov $169,323
3 Chris Klodnicki $117,786
4 Dennis Eichhorn $83,263
5 Mike Matusow $59,827
6 Schuyler Thornton $43,707
7 Eric Crain $32,474


Event #18: $565 Pot-Limit Omaha

Tyler Smith 3186 entries lead to the accumulation of the massive price pool of $224,344. The largest live pot limit Omaha tournament ever with 3,332 entries crowned Tyler Smith with the largest win of his poker career. His win wasn’t an easy one. He had to outsmart a cutthroat bunch including 2014 WSOP Asia-Pacific Main Event winner Scott Davies. Surpassing 107 players, nine returned on Sunday to play the final table. Yves Kupfermunz finished 9th against Igor Sharaskin’s straight flush. Next to follow suite was Ryan Wince (8th position), John Dallaire against Sharaskin. The day3 chip leader, Jessie Bryant was next at 6th position.  Next, Marek Ohnisko was eliminated in fifth place when he got his stack in with the nut flush draw against Tyler Smith, who had flopped queens full. At 4th position stood Scott Davies followed by Igor Sharaskin double-suited Queens at 3rd place. Jason Stockfish’s was left behind by Smith’s ace-queen high and a pair of jacks that were on the board to take the title.  

Final Table Results (USD)

1 Tyler Smith United States $244,344
2 Jason Stockfish United States $138,655
3 Igor Sharaskin Russia $102,045
4 Scott Davies Canada $75,699
5 Marek Ohnisko Czech Republic $56,607
6 Jessie Bryant United States $42,673
7 John Dallaire United States $32,432
8 Ryan Wince United States $24,852
9 Yves Kupfermunz Belgium $19,201


Event #20B: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em MILLIONAIRE MAKER

With a total of 3,438 entries on Saturday, 535 returned for Day 2 after tomorrow’s second flight. The five-day event featured one flight on Saturday and one on Sunday with those advancing returning on Monday to begin Day 2.   Boris Kolev (290,700) on top was followed by Barry Hutter (259,900), Scott Skirba (207,500), Michael Falson (191,700), Darwin Giles (185,000), Kevin Saul (146,200), and Jonas Wexler (150,000).  2009 Main Event winner Joe Cada (66,700), and Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier (60,200), runner-up in the $111,000 High Roller for One Drop are few still remaining in the field.

Event #21: $1,500 8-Game Mix 6-Handed

472 entries battled it out on Sunday for a prize pool of $145,577. Chip leader Christopher Vitch with 98,700 chips, succeeded by Alex Luneau (72,400) and Daniel Negreanu (57,300). Five-time bracelet winner Jason Mercier (11,700) and wife Natasha Mercier (11,900), three-time bracelet winners Barry Greenstein (3,800) and Eli Elezra (22,400), and former November Niner Josh Beckley (33,000) followed suit. Each new day at WSOP’17 premieres with new wins!

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