The WSOP 2017 Main Event got off to a better then expected start with huge numbers. Day 1a had the best turnout since 2013 whereas Day 1b had the most in the last 6 years.

Day 1a saw 795 participants with a host of known names including last year’s winner Qui NguyenThe defending champion noted the markedly different feel to that of last year. “It was very much different. Last year, I came here like just a guy. Not like nervous, but not comfortable, you know? This year, I come back and feel very comfortable.

Jerry Yang, the 2007 champion was also spotted in crowd, although, unlike Nguyen, he did not make it to day 2. Yang was involved in a 3-way all-in with Ace-Queen and lost the main pot to Steven Warburton’s jacks.

576 players made it to Day 2a from Day 1a.

Day 1b also saw strong numbers with 2,164 participants, of which about 1700 made it to the end of the day. One of the early hands saw the spectacular early exit of Vanessa Selbst. Selbst must’ve thought she had a fruitful Main Event ahead when she looked up to see pocket aces so early in the tournament. She raised and got two callers, one of whom was Gaelle Baumann with pocket sevens. The ace-seven-three flop promised a blockbuster of a hand and it duly delivered. A seven on the turn however, gave Baumann quads while Selbst completed her full house – the second nuts. Therafter, Baumann’s shove was enough to raise Selbst’s suspicion that she may have been beat but, after tanking for a while, Selbst reluctantly made the call.

I felt sorry for her,” Baumann said later.

Team India continued it’s strong participation at this year’s WSOP into the Main Event.

Navkiran Singh of PokerBaazi made Day 2 with a stack of 66,700, whereas Akshit Madan, Nikita Luther and Muskaan Sethi also qualified with healthy stacks. Akshay Nasa was another to make Day 2 with a stack of 44,500 chips after being down to 27,000 at one point. Other players are also expected to be in action and more updates will be posted soon.

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