Bank Roll Challenge, a’s initiative found its winner as Venkat Thatikonda. Venkat is your usual guy next door who started playing home games 2 years ago back in college. It is while pursuing his degree in software engineering from the SRM University, that he developed a knack for the game of cards. Not surprisingly, it didn’t go down too well with his family as the thing people easily associate cards with, is gambling. However, it didn’t take Thatikonda long enough to turn things around and convince his parents to recognize poker as a game of skill.

It is during the initial phase of his poker career that Thatikonda discovered the importance of self-analysis and perseverance. On asking about learning the game and improving it, the 9-High Poker’s Bank Roll Challenge Winner said, “Learning was an easy process. I mostly review my hands and read articles.”  

An ardent fan of online poker, Venkat Thatikonda goes by the monikers ‘ADVANCE’ on 9-High. Commenting on his favourite variety of poker, the pro said, “I prefer NLHE cash games and occasionally play PLO and mid-stakes tournaments.”

It hasn’t been longer since Thatikoda got involved in poker thoroughly but he certainly has his eyes set in the right direction. Moving steadily, he has aced the Bank Roll Challenge hosted by 9-High Poker. Prior to this, he pocketed some cash in a few major tournaments. The man knows his moves and it is by the virtue of logic, patience, and discipline that Thatikoda wants to accelerate his scorecard.

How was the BRC experience?

The BRC Winner got candid with us on his strategy and overall experience in the challenge spree.

“BRC on 9High started out good for me leading the leaderboard from DAY 5. Unfortunately, I busted my bankroll. But I was confident I could win the leaderboard, so I made a second deposit. It ended up really well giving a good boost to my bankroll.

The best part of the BRC promotion being that bankroll is credited in parts over 3 weeks and there is always a chance for the second bullet. My simple strategy was to grind from day 1 making at least 150 VIP every day.

The target of 150% of the VIP points set by 9high for 100% bankroll is achievable by putting in enough volume on a daily basis.”

Take on 9High’s no rake policy

Venkat appreciated 9High’s policy of no rake on chopped pots that eventually reap a better ROI for the players.

Not just the BRC, Thatikonda enjoys spending time on 9-High Poker. Sharing his experience with the platform, he said, “The software used by 9 high is easy to navigate and customizable. Hyper turbo deepstack and Progressive bounty tourneys are my favourites with good prize pools. I think all the mid-stake players should take a shot at them.”

Like many budding poker players, Thatikonda also idolizes Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Viktor “isildur1” Blom who inspire him to play aggressive and for more pots.

An advice for new budding players

As Venkat Thatikonda moves ahead in his journey of mastering the skills of poker, he advises young aspirants to “Study the game regularly”, “Have a good Bankroll Management”, and “find good promotions like 9 high BRC to boost bankroll.”

Signing off, PokerShots wishes him the best for all his future endeavours!

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