If, on your trip to Vegas, you haven’t visited the Hard Rock hotel and casino, of the Las Vegas strip, Nevada, your trip is sort of incomplete. This hotel is about to celebrate its silver jubilee in 2 years and is one of the most popular hotels in LA. Till now, it was under the ownership of Brookfield Asset Management but now, a British businessman, investor and philanthropist Richard Branson, has taken over the ownership.

The hotel is not only old but also huge- over 1500 rooms and suites. The purchase formalities were completed by Branson on the 30th of March, 2018- a great start to a new financial year. The hotel would be renovated and remain operational at the same time. The new-look hotel is expected to launch in 2019.

This 67-year-old businessman also happens to be the founder of The Virgin Group. This Group is a huge establishment on its own and has 400 companies working under it, from around the world. The net worth of Branson is over $5 billion, making him one of the top 10 wealthiest British Billionaires. Virgin Group already has several businesses under it including records, airlines, a wireless carrier and a commercial space venture and now Branson has also ventured into the hotel business.

The only other Virgin Hotel opened so far is in Chicago, while many others are lined up in New York, Dallas, New Orleans, Nashville, Washington, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Palm Springs, California, and Edinburgh. It will be a full-fledged hotel, but the casino floor will be retained. However, the name of the property will be changed to ‘Virgin Hotels Las Vegas‘.

“Virgin is all about fun, entertainment, not taking ourselves too seriously. Virgin Atlantic has had a lot of fun flying tons of people to Las Vegas from Britain for many years. Virgin America has done the same, and we wouldn’t have just come to Las Vegas unless we could’ve found the property that was very Virgin, and I think that’s what we’ve achieved,” said Branson about this takeover.

The terms and conditions of the deal are confidential but Branson has announced that the “Hard rock guitar” logo will be replaced with a “V” of  Virgin Group.

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