As far as game-changers go, it’s difficult to look past The Spartan Poker’s – The Millionaire. Having created a genre in online tournaments previously unheard of in Indian poker, the Millionaire’s success resonates both in terms of its scale and its impact. Gone are the days of the headlining 5 Lakhs and 10 Lakhs GTD tournaments. Also gone are the days of tournaments with barely a hundred entries. With the Millionaire guaranteeing 10 Lakhs, initially, and 20 Lakhs from Jan ’17 onward, to the winner itself, the stakes have gone considerably higher and players have a new event marked in their calendars on the first Sunday of every month.

One of the biggest accomplishments of The Millionaire has been in bridging the high value – moderate buy-in conundrum. Recreational players often complained that high-value tournaments were out of their reach because of their high buy-ins. But with The Millionaire, those concerns have now eased with a buy-in of just ₹5,500 now allowing players to partake in prize pools as large as ₹7,790,000 (Nov Millionaire). This has ensured huge participation with recreational players enjoying the chance to crack a mega tournament and regs drooling at the chance to play PokerStars-sized fields of 1000+ entries on a homegrown poker website.

With the Anniversary Edition of The Millionaire nearly upon us, The Spartan Poker’s team has gone all guns blazing in ensuring its success. They’ve upped the stakes ever higher this time round by guaranteeing the runner-up 10 Lakhs in prize money to compliment the 20 Lakhs already guaranteed to the winner.

Players also have the advantage of playing for free, with the website providing complimentary tickets on deposits of ₹25,000 and higher. Furthermore, an LMS (Last Man Standing) contest has been sponsored by The Spartan Poker team with the winner getting ₹50,000 in prize money and getting an additional ₹50,000 donated to a charity of his or her choice! (Check out the details from this link

Also spicing things up this time round will be the “Bollywood” factor. Actors from our film and television industry have long been avid poker fans and they’ve recently expressed their love for the game on social media. It will surely be a treat to see the likes of Neha Dhupia, Amisha Patel, and Sara Khan battle it out with everyday poker players in one of the most anticipated poker events of the year.

Previous winners of the Millionaire are a mix of regs and non-regs. But they all agree on a single point – that The Millionaire is unlike any other tournament in India. The March edition is gearing up to be a special event. join in at 9:30 pm on Sunday, 5th March and find out whether you have what it takes to be the next Millionaire!

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