The Asian Poker League which was underway at Vietnam, ended last night with the Main Event, declaring Singapore’s Lee Yin as the winner. Yin, at the end of his brilliant journey and win, bagged VND 1,476,000,000 (~INR 43.26 Lakhs).

The Asia Poker League was underway at Pro Poker Club in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. More than 30 Indians represented India at this international felt. Right in the early days, two of our favourites, Devesh Thapar and Adarsh Jayappa had already shipped two titles, making India proud. Let us take a look at the journey of these talented Indian poker players at the League.

Indians For The Asia Poker League Main Event- Starting Flight to Final Table

The total number of entries from all the flights was an astonishing figure of 863. The buy-in for the Main Event was VND 11 million (~INR 32,600)  thus every player was determined to give their best shot at the table. Out of the 863 entrants, only 230 players survived Day 1, the first flight. Out of those, three Vietnamese players lead the chip stack- Tommy Luong  300,000 in chips, Le Ngoc Khanh (288,800 chips) and Louis Nguyen (273,200 chips).

Indians showed extraordinary performance at the felt and reserved 16 seats out of the 230 to play Day 2. In the Indian contingent of 16 players, Chiraag Patel lead the chip stack with 194,900 chips. After him, Sumit Sapra (142,600 chips), Kush Kataria (121,500 chips), Dhaval Mudgal (101,700) and Akshay Nasa (113,800) completed the top 5.

The Indians who made it to Day 2 were:

  • Chiraag Patel – 194,900
  • Sumit Sapra – 142,600
  • Kush Kataria – 121,500
  • Dhaval Mudgal – 101,700
  • Akshay Nasa – 113,800
  • Ujjwal Rana Singh – 109,700
  • Laruan Tambon – 75,700
  • Harsh Demsla – 70,900
  • Rubin Labroo – 59,900
  • Vidwath Shetty – 89,400
  • Varun Gupta – 38,600
  • Adarsh Jayappa – 90,500
  • Sahil Agarwal – 76,500
  • Dodka Raghavendra – 92,000
  • Neeraj Kumar – 77,400
  • Manoj Pentakota – 85,800

Post Day 2, only 2 players out of 16 made it to Day 3- Sahil Agarwal and Adarsh Jayappa. Although none of the Indian players made it to the Final table, four of them finished in top 100 and cashed. The players are- Dhaval Mudgal (81st) and Manoj Pentakota (63rd), Sahil Agarwal (32nd) and Adarsh Jayappa (15th).

Asia Poker League Highroller

Apart from Main Event, APL Highroller also witnessed active Indian participation. There were 170 entries out of which only 74 players qualified for the final day. Among these 74 qualifiers, 9 were Indian poker talents. Those who entered the HR Final Day were:

  • Dhaval Mudgal – 483,000
  • Manoj Pentakota – 146,000
  • Kalyan Chakravarthy – 495,000
  • Sahil Agarwal – 198,000
  • Rajeev Kanjani – 310,000
  • Ravi Priya – 300,000
  • Sumit Sapra – 242,000
  • Neeraj Kumar – 181,000
  • Zarvan Tumboli – 305,000

The chip leader at the end of the day was Vietnamese player Vu Manh Phong who had a stack equal to  1.11 million chips.

Although India could not claim the APL Highroller winner’s title this time, two of our Indian players gave a tough fight to all. Out of 9, only two players,  Sumit Sapra and Mumbai’s Rajeev Kanjani cashed. Kanjani, with his extraordinary poker skills, managed to reach the final table. Unfortunately, he was railed at the 6th place for  VND 20.53 million (~INR 6.03 Lakhs).

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