PokerBaazi rolled out a host of new promotions and features to mark the start of the new financial year. On the technology front, PokerBaazi launched their newest update – version 7.0 – along with their much-awaited iOS app. Complimenting the new releases was a new MTT schedule comprising new tournaments and increased guarantees.

Tech Lead Avneet Rana added this on social media, “We have also launched 2K PowerBooster FreeRolls happening every 2 hours round the clock”, in what should be welcome news to a lot of players.

As reported earlier by PokerShots, PokerBaazi’s Vegas100 promotion went live at 12:00 AM on Friday night with 350+ Baazigars in action at the start. The Vegas100 gives players of all stakes a chance to amass a huge bankroll with 50% as an instant real cash bonus and the remaining 50% as real cash bonus on completion of 10,000 post-flop hands.

The Vegas100 is in sync with PokerBaazi’s mega summer promotions – The Vegas Challenge and The Vegas VIP Race offering 5 Vegas Packages and prizes worth 25 Lakhs GTD.

The Vegas Challenge, for which the Vegas100 is mandatory to participate in, involves completing 3 challenges. The first 3 players to complete all 3 challenges will win a 3 Lakh Package to Las Vegas which will include travel, a 7-night stay, and 1 Lakh real cash. The 4th and 5th qualifiers will get an iPhone7 each and the qualifiers ranking 6th to 10th will get ₹50,000 Bankroll each on PokerBaazi.

The three challenges:
1. Complete stack challenge on any Texas Hold’em or PLO table from 5/10 to 50/100 blinds.
2. Get 5 paid places in cash tournaments.
3. Play 10,000 post flop hands on 5/10 to 50/100 Texas Hold’em or PLO tables.

For the Vegas VIP Race, the first two players to complete 12 Lakhs VIP points will win a Package to Las Vegas worth 4 Lakhs each. The package will include travel, 7-night stay, 1 Lakh real cash and 1 Lakh Bankroll on PokerBaazi. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th qualifiers will get a 1 Lakh Bankroll each on PokerBaazi.

The other promotion starting today is the April Goa Carnival, with prizes totaling 1.5 Lakhs. It is applicable to players playing up to 3/6 stakes. The player topping the leaderboard of the most post-flop hands played will win a ₹50,000 package to Goa which will include travel and 5-night stay!

With so many promotions this summer, lots of players are sure to be participating. And, the PokerBaazi team is certain that the software update with the new iOS app with go well with the promotions towards pleasing all Baazigars.

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