Sometimes, experts also have to accept failure in front of talent. Well, something similar happened recently at the $2 million record-breaking cash game pot. Kane Kalas defeated Jason Koon and took down the biggest-ever televised pot in cash game history. Comparing both, Kalas is comparatively novice to Koon who was among the top 10 players in the recent GPI. Kalas not only defeated Koon but also survived a felt including poker pros like Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, etc.

The Hand

The two poker players played face to face at the Triton Montenegro stop. Koon at first tried to bluff his way through a ‘nothing’ flop and turn, and then shoved all-in when the river actually hit his hand. Check out the move down below:

However, a true sportsman never takes a failure as a negative milestone. Even after losing almost an entire €1million buy-in, Koon’s spirit is undeterred.  His sportsman spirit even after becoming the victim of the biggest pot ever seen in live poker remained intact. Finally, the spirit was rewarded and within a couple of hands, he got the chance to even out the calculations.

To see how that worked out, have a look at the ‘second biggest cash game pot ever’ here!

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