888poker 8-Team is ready for the 2018 WSOP. The 888poker squad consists of a team captain, a wingman, and a qualifier. Last year, five teams were sent to the 2017 World Series of Poker. This year, they plan to have more teams for the competition.

A Run Through Last Year

Last year, Joao Sousa Monteiro of team Brazil went the deepest of all the 8-Team members. He finished 583rd in the Main Event for a $22,449 score, and qualified for the 2017 WSOP Main Event for only $30. He also managed to bag a package to the 2018 WSOP Main Event for winning the 8-Team challenge.

This year too, the winning 8-Team members will get a 2019 WSOP Main Event package each.

The Final Squad

Along with Brazil, Canada, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, debuting this year and will be heading to Las Vegas this summer as part of the 8-Team promotion.

The Captains

Team UK- Chris Moorman

Team Brazil- Vivian Saliba

Team Canada- Parker “Tonka” Talbot

Team Sweden- Martin Jacobson

Team Germany- Dominik Nitsche

Team Spain –Marti Roca de Torres

The New Score System

It is going to be different this time. Until last year, the winner of the 8-Team was based on the last player standing. For 2018, 888poker has come up with a new structure based on points.

Each team member will score points based on the WSOP Main Event Day they survive. If they are able to finish the day as the chip leader, they earn bonus points. Also, 100-point bonus for the team is up for grabs for the qualifier who is able to sustain as the last player standing.

Dat Points Team Max Chip Lead Bonus
1 10 30 30
2 20 60 60
3 30 90 90
4 40 120 120
5 50 150 150
6 60 180 180
7 70 210 210
8 80 240 240
9 90 270 270
10 100 300 300

In due course of time, 888poker will keep updating about each team’s wingman. Very soon, they will be releasing details of participating as a qualifier in the 8-Team competition.

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