Supreme court’s intervention in sports betting across the US, has snatched the states’ rights when it comes to this particular sphere. This is also applicable for online poker which has been legalized in only 4 states so far since April 2011.

Now, sports betting is not only legalized but also taxed in all the 50 US states. The opportunity of placing bets on the internet is also included. Surely, under such favourable conditions, a fast-growing industry like online poker is sure to reach newer heights. A favourable legal landscape like now will undoubtedly boost the overall online gaming market.

The SCOTUS ruling has already prompted one longtime online poker advocate in Congress to consider renewing his efforts for a federal bill.

Irrespective of state and federal levels, it is assured that online poker will bloom even more rapidly, now.

David Rebuck, New Jersey’s top casino regulator, told the Associated Press last year: “If we win sports wagering, online gaming will go to every state that adopts sports betting. As soon as sports wagering is legalized, online gaming will follow right behind it.”

Expert’s comment

One of the country’s foremost experts on gambling law and the Supreme Court, Whittier Law School professor I. Nelson Rose vented out his take on this matter. Like Rebuck, he sees online card game approval in more states by way of riding sports betting’s coattails.

Internet poker will see a boom,” wrote Rose, who was a key figure in the formation of California’s card room industry in the 1980s. “President Obama’s Department of Justice [in 2011] and federal courts have ruled that the Wire Act [of 1961] is limited to wagers on sports events and races. But all states, other than Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, have been slow to recognize that all other forms of gambling can, with a little creative legal work, be conducted with bettors in different states and even nations. Once state lawmakers realize that the door really is wide open, they will look for more online gaming to authorize and tax.

This year, in May, states like  Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey legalized online poker in their respective states. Also, recently, online casinos were legalized by the Pennsylvanian government.

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