PokerStars launched Spin and Go Max, calling it an industry first. “Spin & Go Max is the next level of the Spin & Go format and delivers more excitement and a great immersive experience through new graphics and more chances for winning moments,” said Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at PokerStars.

In the tournament “lottery” Sit-and-Go’s, each game has a randomly drawn prize pool. The $1 to $30 buy-in game include payouts ranging from 2x to a 1,000x the amount of the buy-in, making it a standout amongst the most played games, particularly among recreational players.

The uniqueness of these tournaments is that players have no clue about the prize pool until the point all players are seated. Around 90% of the time, the prize pool is either two or four times the buy-in.

On August 9, a new action-packed version was introduced i.e. Spin and Go Max which is more exciting and has more of variations. That additionally implies more opportunities to win enormously,  up to 10,000 times the buy-in of each Spin and Go Max played.

PokerStars Launches – Spin & Go Max

Spin and Go Max buy- ins will be $1, $3, $7 and $15, with winners guaranteed to win at least double their buy-ins. The maximum possible prize for the $1 game is $10,000, while the jackpot prize for $15 challenges can go upto $150,000.

The news comes just a couple of months after PokerStars presented Omaha Spin and Go tournament. The new “Max” variation will have an altogether different feel with five new components:

Player Spinner: Every Spin and Go Max game starts with a turn to decide the number of players, varying from three to eight.

Triple Prize Spinner: At the beginning of the tournament, players will be showing the three prizes options for the play. The eventual winner will then need to pick from those three prizes randomly shown face down.

Hand Countdown: Spin and Go Max game will have a settled number of hands in view of the prize and the number of participating players.

Automatic All-In finale: After the predetermined number of hands been played, the remaining players will consequently bet all-in till there is a winner. When all the hands reach zero, the remaining player will have to move all-in.

Risk/Reward Option: No issue how you win the Spin and Go Max, you’ll find the opportunity to pick your prize. The first three prize alternatives will show up toward the finish of every competition. However, on few events, players will be offered a ‘Cash Out’ alternative. You take an ensured payout or bet on the one-in-three shot at the best prize.

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