Siddharth ‘hashtagme’ Ravikant is the Electra Champion at The Spartan Poker. The winner took home a paycheck of INR1,57,284 along with the title. The Spartan Poker has been keeping online players busy with innovative tournaments and Electra was one of them- an INR 1,650 tournament having a re-entry format with a guaranteed prize pool of INR6 Lakh. What made the Electra more alluring was the unique twist that any female player who made it to the final table would win herself a ticket to The Millionaire – The Spartan Poker flagship tournament.

The Tournament

The daily featured tournament gathered 345 entries, swelling the prize pool to INR 8.07 Lakh. 47 players managed to acquire a minimum of INR 4,599 each. Soon, the felt was left with final 3 in ‘hashtagme’ (1.9million in chips), ‘Sumit212’ (722k chips), ‘BeatTheFish’(1.1million chips). The chip leader decided to beef-up his stack to 70k with the blinds at 17,500-35,000-3,500. While ‘BeatTheFish’ gave it a pass, ‘Sumit2121’ went all in with his Ac Kh. ‘hashtagme’ called and the flop 8d-9d-6h gave him an open-ended straight draw. The turn opened Qc and Jc showed up on the river completing the straight. That led to the end of the tournament run for ‘Sumit2121’. The second runner-up pocketed INR 74,889.

The Heads-Up

‘hashtagme’ and ‘BeatTheFish’ locked horns in the heads-up which did not last longer than a couple of hands. Obviously leading the chip count of 2:1 over ‘BeatTheFish’, ‘hashtagme’ grabbed the final hand. Tc-2d from ‘BeatTheFish’ and 3s-Js from ‘hashtagme’ completed the blinds to see a flop of 4c-5s-2c. ‘BeatTheFish’ held the bottom pair, hence, placed the minimum bet. ‘hashtagme’ made the call with his open ender. The turn made no changes except in the raising race. ‘hashtagme’ checked and ‘BeatTheFish’ again bet minimum. ‘hashtagme’ re-raised to 189,000 to which his opponent flat called. The river Ac gave ‘hashtagme’ exactly what he was looking for- the winning hand, the title, and the prize money. ‘BeatTheFish’ had to settle with the runner-up prize of INR 99,906.

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