So imagine you are heading for a date, all prepared to meet the one you like, dressed up as per the venue, matching the outfit colour post discussing with her previously and oh boy, that mirror says you look good. Let’s make this date count is what you tell yourself. In your mind goes “maybe I can dance if the music is good, that should definitely make an impression. What if she joins me for the dance? Does that mean she likes dancing or she likes me?”

Well with questions in your mind and butterflies in your stomach, you move towards her home when you tilted, heavily. You hear haha’s from the pedestrians and honestly, you feel like why me. WHY DID THAT BIRD CHOOSE ME TODAY? OHH GOD WHYYYY?

You check for the damage on a glass window outside a retail shop. It’s bad, your white shirt is white, yellow, green and shades of grey now. This combination of colours might enlighten an artist but you ain’t a canvas. What a day you think. Welcome says Heavy Tilt.

SharmaJi, our very own poker enthusiast, experiences a similar day. If you remember, SharmaJi was saving some for his first live event. He finally had the plan in place. He had a decent saving as of now but his travel, accommodation and daily expenses still need to be taken care of. Basically, he needs to win more. SharmaJi has to win a couple of weeks’ worth of daily average winnings. Giving in an extra half an hour every day he plans to reduce this gap. You can’t deny, it’s a decent plan.

Today while playing on a cash table, SharmaJi showed his exceptional skill and took a lead right from the beginning. His bankroll is strong, he plays well, and he is never intimidated by opponents. SharmaJi is pretty much a mix and match of pure qualities required by someone at the table. But well, today was a different day. With a good hand pre flop, SharmaJi enters in the game like a pro. The 4th player out of 5 on the table wins. Well, SharmaJi got bluffed. Next came another good hand for SharmaJi, but this time he loses yet again and it was not a bluff but he simply got coolered by the same player. Soon, one after the other hands were won by others. Though SharmaJi did manage to regain some but the dent was pretty deep already. SharmaJi’s new baby plan was simply being crushed and this is not what he thought of. SharmaJi felt a heavy tilt. Nowhere to go, he switches off his computer, goes out for some fresh air, takes a seat on a bench in a park maintained by the authorities and speaks to himself “today needs to get over.”

His morale is not down though. He shall rise out of this Rs. 5,200 loss and make his dream come true. Or will he?

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