Scott Blumstein started the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event final table with the chip lead. x

Blumstein takes 226,450,000 in chips to three-handed play. “I lost a flip, I played a hand badly, I lost a few chips here and there. The beauty of this tournament is that the structure is so good. The majority of the time, when I had a misstep, I was able to keep a level head and keep playing poker. A lot of the game is mental and I’m in a good mental state”, said Blumstein afterward.

Dan Ott and Benjamin Pollak will hope to mount a rebound against the leader on Saturday. The second day of the last table started with seven players. Antoine Saout and John Hesp quickly doubled up inside the initial 20 hands.

Damian Salas was disposed of in seventh place when the river card favoured Ott. Ott had raised to 3.4 million from early position, and it folded around to Salas in the big blind. He thought for 45 seconds before calling. The flop came  . Salas got check raised all-in and he snap called. Salas showed top pair with  while Ott had a draw with . The  on the turn gave Salas momentary hope but  on the river ended his Main Event run.

Main Event Final Table Seat Draw/Results

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds %
1 Scott Blumstein United States 226,450,000 113 62.8%
2 Benjamin Pollak France 45,850,000 23 12.7%
3 Dan Ott United States 88,375,000 44 24.5%
Place Player Country Prize
4 John Hesp United Kingdom $2,600,000
5 Antoine Saout France $2,000,000
6 Bryan Piccioli United States $1,675,000
7 Damian Salas Argentina $1,425,000
8 Jack Sinclair United Kingdom $1,200,000
9 Ben Lamb United States $1,000,000

Salas made a benevolent exit from the tournament gathering $1,425,000 in prize money. “It is a great honour for me to represent Argentina and Latin America,” Salas added through an interpreter, “I’m very proud of the way I played and I hope that everyone in Latin America is happy with their representative.”

Precisely an hour and a half later, Piccioli moved all in from the small blind for around nine major blinds with an ace- seven, but was disheartened to get a call from Ott in the big blind with two kings.  The Western New York local gathered $1,675,000 for his endeavors after an unfavourable board.

The whirlwind of eliminations proceeded just minutes after when Saout got involved in a major pot with Blumstein. Blumstein won with a straight and Saout was disposed of in fifth place, taking $2 million for his second Main Event final table after finishing third in the Main Event in 2009.

Few hands later, Pollak, with ace high eliminated Hesp who had to settled for fourth place. That hand topped off a tumultuous day for Pollak, who began with more than 77 million, however, will take just 45,850,000 into the last day.


The staying three players are ensured $3,500,000 when they return on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. local time. The winner will get $8,150,000 and a place in poker history.

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