Recently, MadOverPoker an early stage poker startup announced a unique cash promotion Bankroll Challenge. This challenge gave an opportunity for poker players to turn their passion into a profession by giving them 5x bankroll. It gave players a flexibility to move up and choose stakes they were previously apprehensive to explore.

MadOverPoker multiplied the investment and bankrolled selected players. This allowed players to play more freely and help them reduce variance, which is a standard element of any poker game.

Sanjay, who owns a logistics company, was the winner of the Bankroll Challenge conducted by MadOverPoker. He belonged to the Rounders category. He deposited 10K and got 50K in his account. No of Raked hands: 7159 & amount won: Rs. 1,59,038.19

Sanjay who has lived in Bangalore for over 10 years and has recently moved to Cochin has been playing poker for past 8 years. He has evolved from playing offline in poker clubs to playing on the online platform.

He says, “I find MadOverPoker’s software and customer support best among the other poker platforms in India. I am a cash player mainly and not really big on tournaments but I found the idea of identifying good players and then bankrolling them interesting. My only strategy was to hold the fort and keep playing. I have a soft corner for the portal and will be using the balance on my MadOverPoker account to take part in upcoming tournaments on the website.”

Another winner of the challenge, Vitsituo Angami who hails from the northeastern state of Nagaland got to know about the Bankroll challenge through Indian Poker Players Association FB page.

He belonged to the category Grinders.  He deposits 5K and got 25K. He won 1,08,676.09 (Including 1L  leaderboard). He credits putting in long hours and perseverance for his win. Vitsituo who goes by the name Blacksworn on MadOverPoker played as many hands as he could. He started with closed tables and then more tables opened up

His journey in the world of poker began in the year 2006.  Vitsituo found playing on MadOverPoker platform comfortable. He says, “I found MadOverPoker’s software very good. I like daily promotions they have on their website. The most innovative feature of Bankroll challenge was daily Leaderboard challenge. ” It gave an opportunity for players to compete every day. He says on a parting note.

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