North Korea has a very different image in our minds. The country lacks basic rights and also has very strict rules imposed on its citizens. This northern part of Korean Peninsula is isolated and apparently not very tourist friendly.

Talking in context of card games like poker, North Korea has only one casino in the capital city Pyongyang. Since the country is so cocooned, no one except their government knows how well the casino is operating. No one has any clue of its annual income or how many people actually indulge in gaming at the casino. Needless to mention, the country has never been a host to any significant poker tournament. Also, there exists no facility of online poker. So far, the poker landscape isn’t aware of any celebrated North Korean poker player.

Recently, the treaty of denuclearization is an indication that maybe North Korea is stepping towards liberalization and now the below-mentioned initiative by the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un is surely a good news for the poker lovers.

The Second Casino In North Korea

Dictator Kim Jong-un has plans to set up a world-class resort in the eastern port city of Wonsan. To realise his plans, he reportedly has called upon Donald Trump, the US President for investment support.

Going by South Korean News, in a meeting between Kim Yong Chol (Senior North Korean official) and Donald Trump in the White House, he proposed a plan of creating an international tourist destination with a casino in Wonsan city and ski resort in Masikryong, before the US President.

The main purpose of the proposition is to generate a significant amount of revenue for the country. As estimated by the North Korean government, once the tourist area gets functional, it will generate an approximate amount of US $50 million, every year, as revenue. This additional revenue would prove to be a huge blessing for a country like North Korea which generates a meagre US $7 billion from its trade, annually.

The construction is massive and intends to establish itself as a premier casino and tourism destination. Precisely, such a project is going to relieve North Korea of its economic hardship and isolation. The only question that is unanswered yet is whether the citizens of North Korea will be given the liberty to avail the services of the casino, just like the tourists.

Trump and Kim Jong Un are scheduled to meet for a historic dialogue in Singapore on 12th June.

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