PokerStars’ much-talked about game variant – Power Up, was launched on Tuesday as a real money option. The feature should be available as a play money option to all users within the week, while the real money client is expected to be rolled out to all domains relatively soon according to the company.

Power Up Features

Simply put, ‘Power Up’ combines the game of poker with features of a video game. It holds the characteristics of traditional NLHE poker in a three-handed Sit-N-Go format, where you are given powers that allow you to affect outcomes during hands. The challenge is your opponents have powers too and may be able to counteract yours depending what they are wielding and how much energy they have saved up. Some of the special powers, which have undergone months of testing and review from focus groups, include peeking at the top two cards on the deck, drawing a third hole card and discarding one, and forcing all opponents to expose one hole card. Though complicated, the new features promise to fundamentally shake up the online poker experience. The games will initially be restricted to $1, $3, $7 and $15 stake games.

The director of Poker Innovation and Operations- Severin Rasset, at Stars Group said on the release of  release of Power Up, “Since the game’s inception, we’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment and it’s finally here. The team has worked incredibly hard to produce a brand new game which, by utilizing our custom engine, delivers incredible mechanics and an engaging universe. We are immensely proud of this major innovation to poker and we hope our players love it as much as we do.” 

PokerStars Team Pro Igor Kurganov added, Power Up will greatly add to the poker dynamic and I am especially looking forward to rotating sets of powers as they will keep strategies constantly changing. In a time when professionals started playing more similarly than they used to, the addition of new dynamics will rock that boat and create a lot of entertainment”

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