PokerStars, it has emerged, has plans to hire new staff to “help create a fully-flexible artificial intelligence (AI) agent.”

The current job opportunities at PokerStars incorporate roles at various levels, for example, ‘Poker AI Research Engineer’ and ‘Graduate Poker AI Research Engineer’. The positions on offer are at the association’s workplaces in both London, England, and Dublin, Ireland.

PokerStars says the new role offers the “challenge of researching the application of AI in one of the largest gaming communities in the world.”

The firm added that the successful candidates will, “be working on a number of high-end products [PokerStars] wishes to bring to market and how AI interacts with this to help PokerStars learn from and analyse strategies developed through self-play.”

The majority of the present opportunities just allude to the PokerStars online poker administration and it isn’t yet certain whether the new staff will concentrate on different areas of the business.

PokerStars has never revealed any intentions to use bots on their interface stating poker should be a game between humans. With this new development it is unclear whether there will be any shift in strategy, however.

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