It is an often overlooked thing, but we are creatures of habit who refuse to change to the extent that it is often detrimental. Change is natural and should be embraced. It is with this frame of mind that we at PokerShots sought to try and improve the live poker space in India.

The progress of the live poker scene in India from the first favorable High Court rulings in Karnataka have been steady albeit slow. More states have since legalized the game and poker clubs have popped up in many major cities across the country with talks of more opening up soon in the biggest metros like Mumbai and Delhi.

With so much happening, it is almost a surprise that it is still a big hassle to find legitimate playing experiences in the cities where poker clubs openly operate. Players frequent only the clubs they have been recommended or are familiar with,  whereas it is not uncommon to see players traveling to Bangalore or Kolkata posting on social media for links to the best and most reliable games around.

We at PokerShots are trying to reduce the headaches in situations like these with our newly launched Live Clubs Directory. In the Live Clubs Directory, we have listed, after thorough research,  the best clubs with assured action along with their contact, location info and a collection of their amenities. This information is available on our app as well as web platforms.

Live Clubs Directory available on all platforms

In doing so, we hope that players will now have a convenient way to look up any club they wish to play in and make a more informed choice.

We at PokerShots are very open to all forms of feedback and welcome any suggestions you may have to make this a win-win for everyone. LFG!


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