PokerBaazi is heating things up this summer with the announcement of its Road to Vegas promotion last week and of the high-octane 100% Bonus Code “Vegas100” (max bonus up to ₹50,000) today, which will be active from 1st to 10th April. Alongside the promise of 5 Baazigars flying to Vegas on completion of the mentioned tasks, this is gearing up to be the biggest promotion in Indian online poker!

The Vegas100 gives players of all stakes a chance to amass a huge bankroll with 50% as an instant real cash bonus and the remaining 50% as real cash bonus on completion of 10,000 post-flop hands.

Vegas100 is mandatory to participate in The Vegas Challenge which involves completing 3 challenges. The first 3 players to complete all 3 challenges will win a 3 Lakh Package to Las Vegas which will include travel, a 7-night stay, and 1 Lakh real cash. The 4th and 5th qualifiers will get an iPhone7 each and the qualifiers ranking 6th to 10th will get ₹50,000 Bankroll each on PokerBaazi.

The three challenges:
1. Complete stack challenge on any Texas Hold’em or PLO table from 5/10 to 50/100 blinds.
2. Get 5 paid places in cash tournaments.
3. Play 10,000 post flop hands on 5/10 to 50/100 Texas Hold’em or PLO tables.

Another attraction of the Road to Vegas promo is the Vegas VIP Race. The first two players to complete 12 Lakhs VIP points will win a Package to Las Vegas worth 4 Lakhs each. The package will include travel, 7-night stay, 1 Lakh real cash and 1 Lakh Bankroll on PokerBaazi. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th qualifiers will get a 1 Lakh Bankroll each on PokerBaazi.

PokerBaazi is also launching the April Goa Carnival alongside the Vegas promotions, with prizes totaling 1.5 Lakhs. It is applicable to players playing up to 3/6 stakes. The player topping the leaderboard of the most post-flop hands played will win a ₹50,000 package to Goa which will include travel and 5-night stay!

PokerBaazi recently acquired its online gaming license from the Nagaland Government shortly after launching its new software. PokerBaazi hopes to ensure that every player enjoys a memorable time when they play on their platform and with so many promotions coming your way, the summer is sure to be an unforgettable one for all Baazigars.

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