successfully completed the second edition of India’s biggest poker tournament ‘The MoneyMaker 2.0’. After the record breaking response to its previous edition on 1st October, PokerBaazi scheduled the second edition on 26th November. The MoneyMaker 2.0 attracted a similarly impressive response to balloon the guaranteed 1 Crore prize pool to a stunning ₹1.24 Crore! The tournament drew 772 unique entries with 476 re-entries with the top 3 finishers sharing in excess of ₹60 Lakhs.

Looking back at the consecutive successes of‘s flagship event, CEO Navkiran Singh shared his thoughts with PokerShots on the behind-the-scene efforts.

Question: Hello Navkiran. Congratulations on the success of the MoneyMaker 2.0. It must feel great to pull off another major milestone in Indian Poker?

Navkiran Singh: Thanks! The continuous and dedicated efforts of my team and the unfettered  love from all the players are the pillars behind PokerBaazi’s sustained successes. We are very pleased that all our hard work paid off!

Q: Tell us about the preparations your team undertook for this event.

NS: We got on with the preparations for the second edition immediately after concluding the first. Precise and thought-out steps were taken, from the satellite designs to tournament structures where the PokerBaazi Pro Team were invaluable with their inputs. We also ensured that low-stake players could easily participate in this event without breaking their bankroll.

Q: MoneyMaker 2.0 crushed the guarantee set in the previous edition of the MoneyMaker, making it the largest online tournament in the history of Indian Poker. Did you anticipate such a turnout?

NS: Though the previous MoneyMaker went really well, it also helped us realise some of our shortcoming and the subsequent corrections we were supposed to make in the next edition.

With respect to the turnout, of course, we had some expectations as we worked very hard for this tournament and I’m pleased it met our expectations.

Q: Devesh Thapar – the winner of the MoneyMaker 2.0 – was gracious in his praise for your team on social media. What do you have to say about his performance?

NS: Devesh has been a regular player at Outperforming such a huge field is a remarkable achievement. I am certain this win will be a confidence booster for him .

Q: There was some delay in the start of the tournament. Can you shed light on that?

NS: There was a small issue with late registrations and I’m very pleased that the team managed to rectify the same immediately and everything went smoothly thereafter. While resolving the issue, we took the decision to increase the starting stack to 20k and I have received a lot of positive feedback on the same.

Q: What in your opinion is the reason for the sudden surge in the popularity of large online tournaments?

NS: I think the large payouts, low buy-ins, and the convenience of playing from the comfort of your home are factors.

Q: What can poker players expect next from PokerBaazi?

NS: PokerBaazi will continue to be a trendsetter in the poker industry with efforts such as The MoneyMaker. The 3rd edition of the MoneyMaker is scheduled on 26th January and should make for a great start to the year.

We also have many year-end promotions lined up through December starting with the Baazi Super Sunday Special edition this Sunday and the Grinders Series Gold Edition to follow. The Baazi Player of the Year (BPOY) will be decided on the 23rd and 24th of December making for a grandstand finish to an emphatic year for PokerBaazi.

Q: Any parting thoughts?

NS: I would like to thank my whole team for their immense support both internally and externally. Due to the coordination between team members, we have been successful in setting transparent processes which have led to high standards for other operators too. As always, we will work hard to bring value to the players and give them the best possible gaming experience!

And to Baazigars, I would say- Thank you for the continued support and keep loving us!

We’d like to thank Navkiran Singh for taking the time to share his thoughts with PokerShots.

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