Abhishek Rathod is PokerBaazi’s Newest Team Pro

A week after announcing the addition of Maria Kirloskar, PokerBaazi.com have added another name to their Pro Team. The newest entrant is 33 year old Abhishek Rathod. Abhishek, originally from Ahmedabad, currently resides in Gothenberg, Sweden and brings a host of international poker experience to the table.

Speaking on the latest development, Varun Ganjoo, Marketing Director at PokerBaazi, enthused at Abhishek’s addition to the team. “Though he resides out of India, Abhishek is totally committed to work for the Indian poker community and that’s commendable. Looking forward to working with him and may be learn some Poker myself too!”, he adds jokingly.

Having previously operated an animation academy in Ahmedabad, Abhishek has been playing poker professionally since 2012. Besides being one of the most respected players on the circuit, Abhishek is also a highly regarded poker-coach. He has a successful history with staking having coached some of the better known young players in India including Sahil Chutani and Sharad Rao.

Abhishek’s history with coaching is sure to come in handy as he begins his new journey with PokerBaazi as a Team Pro. This is certain to add to a largely successful career in poker as a player, coach and entrepreneur.

Abhishek Rathod
Abhishek Rathod at the recently concluded PSL

PokerBaazi Expanding With Big Names

He will be joining the current Pro Team which includes the likes of Abhisek Panda, Vikram Kumar in addition to Maria. Jasven Saigal is also involved with the online poker setup as a strategic consultant. Speaking on Abhishek’s new role, Jasven had this to say, “I have known Abhishek for a long time now and when it comes to the game, he is one of the guys with best Poker knowledge in the Indian community. I am really excited to work with him.”

Addressing Abhishek’s credentials and reputation in the Indian poker community, Navkiran Singh, CEO at PokerBaazi said, “Abhishek Rathod is a trustworthy name in the industry and that’s exactly in sync with the PokerBaazi brand. Baazigars will benefit a lot from this association. I wish Abhishek good luck for this journey!”

A Difficult Yet Fulfilling Journey

Although Abhishek’s successes are well documented, as is the case for most successful individuals, the difficulties are less so. In his own words, “My poker journey is something most are familiar with, but what the stats and graphs don’t show is the hard work and struggle behind it.”

Just like most in this line of work, convincing the world that you play poker ‘professionally’ is probably the toughest validation. For Abhishek achieving this has meant years of research, study, and finally the commitment and courage to believe in himself. And all this after quitting his then non-poker career!

Working hard and constantly learning have been Abhishek’s biggest takeaways from the game. For now it seems as though they’re paying off.

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