In our first edition of the latest PokerShots feature Poker Zara Hatke, we are in conversation with Vaibhav “WakhraSwagNi” Sharma. Tournament regs will have found him a constant menace with solid performances throughout 2017.

Vaibhav is currently on a break after a 9-year stint with corporate life at the British Council. In this year-long break, he is hoping to take up poker on a full-time basis. It hasn’t been plain sailing for the tournament hot-shot however, facing resistance from his family on the desire to take up poker as a profession.

But this isn’t about all that!

Vaibhav is known for occasionally playing poker after a few drinks. His most recent transgression was at The MoneyMaker on Vaibhav put in a splendid performance to finish third for a payday of over 12 Lakhs. So, we thought of asking him what his thoughts were on combining poker and alcohol.

Question: Hi, Vaibhav. You finished 3rd in the MoneyMaker for only ₹12,37,285 . Must suck right?

Vaibhav: Yea it f***ing sucks big time!!!

Q: Apparently you were playing the tournament drunk. Is that correct?

VS: Yes! I was in Kasol during this time, so I was what you could call a ‘drunkard’ that night!!!

Q: So how intoxicated were you?

VS : Well I got drunk in the evening itself. I registered on some MTTs on PokerStars but then spewed. My cousin was here so I thought about skipping the rest of the Sunday tournaments and chilling with him. After 2 hours, once I had calmed down, I decided to play the MoneyMaker with the free bullet I had received by depositing on the website. I tried to bluff in an early spot and ended up losing the first bullet instead. After the re-buy I started to play seriously; which meant no more alcohol.

Q: Do you often drink and play or was this a one-off?

VS: I don’t drink and play often, but once in a blue-moon I do… and it works for me too [Laughs].

Q: Does drinking have a beneficial effect on your play?

VS: Haha for sure it does NOT! In fact, I advise people to not mix poker and alcohol. Just play sober guys!

Q: Does your performance vary depending on the intoxicant you have consumed?

VS: ROFL. I think it maybe does. But let’s not elaborate on that today.

Q: Would you recommend this to others?

VS: Nope. Again, just play sober guys.

Disclaimer: Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. PokerShots does not encourage the consumption of alcohol or any alcoholic substances thereof.

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