After much anticipation, Poker Sports League has announced it’s first 12 pros selected in the PSL Pro Draft. These are the top pros selected from Phase-1 of applications. PSL has now announced that applications for phase-2 are open. The deadline for which is 11:59pm on March 6th, 2017. This will be the last chance for Poker players to apply for selection in a PSL Team.

To give a background to players, there are 12 Teams in PSL. Each team is comprised of 9 players:
1 Team Mentor
2 Pro Players
2 Live Qualifiers
2 Online Qualifiers
2 Wild Cards
The mentors for each team have just been finalized from a “Mentor Recommendation List” of 21 players. These are the top dogs of Indian Poker. Here’s a list of the final 12 who have been given the prestigious appointment of PSL Team Mentors:

Bengaluru Jokers: Raghav Bansal
Chennai Bulls: Aditya Sushant
Delhi Panthers: Akash Malik
Goan Nuts: Dhaval Mudgal
Gujarat Acers: Sumit Asrani
Haryana Hunters: Samay Parikh
Hyderabad Kings: Kunal Patni
Kolkata Royals: Romit Advani
Mumbai Anchors: Amit Jain
Pune Sharks: Shashank Jain
Punjab Bluffers: Abhishek Goindi
Rajasthan Tilters: Shravan Chhabria
The Mentors along with their Team Owners will appoint 24 pros out of a draft of 45 players (36 from Pro Draft + 9 remaining from Mentor Recommendations)

Players will need to fill an application form on to have a shot at the remaining 24 spots on the PSL Pro Draft. So hurry, the deadline is coming close!

Written By: PSL Team
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