Flying Dutchman Marcel Lüske has been acquainted with poker for quite a long time now. And after so many years, poker runs through his veins. One of Dutchman’s lifetime goals was to standardise poker rules and finally, PartyPoker is realising it.

Recently, PartyPoker announced that they will be abiding by the international poker rules set by Dutchman, at this year’s Barcelona MILLIONS Live.  Rob Yong’s Dusk Till Dawn Casino jumped the board soon after.

The Rule Of Rules

Due to lack of proper standardised guideline, many times, the decisions at the tournaments are biased. To eradicate ambiguity and favouritism, Dutchman has compiled this standardised set of rules for poker.

Everywhere I go people ask me about rules and everywhere I play they ask me about fairness of the game. Everywhere I go I hear complaints about the existing rules and most of the time the complaint was based on the different rulings.’, said Luske

Keeping in mind the same issues at poker tournaments, PartyPoker took up this decision to follow International Poker Rules by Dutchman.

Surely, such a decision by a reputed name, like Partypoker, will encourage others in the poker industry to follow. This will result in more organised and fair play in poker.

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