Corporate Hold’em League

June 15th, 2017, Bangalore: A day in the life of a corporate employee is increasingly becoming stressful, tiring, mundane and an inescapable routine. Naturally then, corporates nowadays are looking at adapting several new policies and conducting recreational activities to keep employees motivated and happy. Contributing to this practice, and to make the sport of Poker a part of every corporate’s regular recreational calendars, Poker Ninja announces its newest and most exciting feature – the Corporate Hold’em League (CHL). Incidentally, Poker Ninja also celebrates its 1st Anniversary this June with the start of this league.

CHL aims to break the routine by providing a safe, fun and exciting platform for corporates to compete with each other in the game that many have grown to love. Imagined by Poker Ninja, CHL invites poker lovers from corporates throughout India to participate in this month long league, compete with their frenemies from other corporates and take home their deserving share from the massive prize pool of  ₹1 Million. Beginning in August 2017, CHL will shortlist teams through a serious of both online and offline tournaments throughout the month, which will finally culminate into the top three teams battling it out in a star-studded finale in the month of September.

Corporate Hold’em League: Structure and Format

The Corporate Hold’em League will allow unlimited number of teams (with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 players per team) from each corporate to participate. The entry fee for each of the teams would be ₹10,000. The teams would be required to fill out registration forms available in the link below. Post registration, and fulfilment of all relevant criteria, the teams will become eligible to participate in the online tournaments on Poker Ninja’s website.

The online tournaments will take place every Sunday of August’17, i.e. 6th Aug’17 / 13th Aug’17 / 20th Aug’17 /27th Aug’17. All the teams will be required to participate in these tournaments and win points based on their performances. No entry fee shall be charged for these tournaments. At the end of these four tournaments, the Top 3 teams with the highest number of points shall qualify for the finale which will be a grand live event held in Bangalore. The finale will also be live streamed to thousands of poker fans across India via Poker Ninja’s social media pages. The team to top the finale stands a chance to take home their share from the massive prize pool of ₹1 Million and the coveted title of the ‘Best Poker Team’ in the corporate world.

So calling all the Poker aficionados to bring their finest game forward to beat the best players from the industry and break the routine! See you all at the felts!

For the Registration Form, click here.

Written By: Meena Khatri from Poker Ninja
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