After the spectacular success of the Match Indian Poker League Season 2 held at Kolkata on 31st March 2018, Viaan Industries LTD. has come up with a new branch namely the Online Team Poker League (OTPL). This is an initiative by Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty’s firm to promote e-sports in India.

OTPL is of national stature and will be held in different countries worldwide, starting with India. There will be thirty teams, playing online, twice a month to top the leaderboard. The season would run for a year, guarantying a prize pool of 6.6 crores for the top 8 teams. Each team of 8 would be owned by an individual and the team members would indulge in ‘sit and go’ No Limit Texas Hold’em, via a specially designed app by Viaan Industries. The summation of the chip counts of all the team members would decide the team rank and prizes, at the end of each month. The team with the highest number of chip counts at the end of the season, i.e. in November is entitled to a cup and the prize money would be divided among the 8 top teams. The winning team will face the overseas felt on behalf of its country at the World Online Team Poker League (WOTPL) to be held in December.

OTPL is an epitome of team work and requires every player to give his or her best. As mentioned earlier, a team’s collective chip count accounts for the league rankings. The app not only gives a gaming platform but also lets the team practice before upcoming tournaments and make in house purchases. The technology facilitates every element of the sport from game-play to administration of competitions and even record keeping. It will be used worldwide by the other member nations for similar leagues to take place.

On the announcement, Viaan Industries CMD Raj Kundra said, “After seeing the success of Match Indian Poker League we at Viaan Industries Ltd, created this IP to have a year-long poker event to give the opportunity to more poker players to come forward and use this platform to showcase their skills. We have designed the app to support and promote OTPL worldwide. It will create an exciting Poker in a team format that’s never been seen or done before. In December we will have the World Online Team Poker League (WOTPL) where the league winners of every country will play against each other in a one-day online world cup event.”

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