Legalization of online poker in the US has not seen much development in the last few years. The citizens this week, however, have got a few reasons to look upto-

  • The long-debated online poker legislation in New York may be finally picking up some momentum
  • The possibility of the multi-state gaming compact coming to fruition

The second one hasn’t received any official confirmation as of now but, there are some clues indicating towards the possibility.

California’s population of 40 million, has always been much enthusiastic about poker and eagerly waiting for the legalization of online poker. But, online poker legalization in New York is quite an achievement on the legislative battleground.

Unfortunately, bills related to poker haven’t had a very good experience in New York. The attempt to legalize online poker was quashed, even earlier including last year when $10 million from online poker was earmarked for the state budget. Though the bills easily passed through the senate, they eventually died at the Assembly.

This year, it wasn’t included in the budget, but Matthew Kredell of OPR reported A 5250 could have support that’s never before been seen for New York’s online poker legislation.

Newly elected Assemblyman Clyde Vanel told Kredell support for online poker is building among his peers,”The next few weeks will show some traction for the bill,” he said. “With enough co-sponsors, I like it to get out of committee and onto the floor. I think we have a good shot of getting it through this year.We have poker in New York but we’re not allowing it online. Folks can’t articulate why.

Although, live poker has been available in New York since sometime now, New York casino market has been under scrutiny after the commercial casinos came in $230 million under revenue projections.

Online poker is sure to help the state with coping up with revenue shortfalls.

A landmark in the online poker industry is the affirmation by New Jersey to join the unified online poker pool with Nevada and Delaware.

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