A report from a South Korean cyber security specialist indicated that North Korea’s state-supported programmers targeted online poker and other gambling sites in an effort to steal millions.

In its report, the Financial Security Institute (FSI) mentioned that the hackers had changed tactic from targeting the South Korean organizations and the government. New hacking techniques include the installation and usage of malware that could be used to cheat at online poker and other gambling sites. However, the identities of possibly targeted or affected websites are unknown as of now.

Many cyber security experts suspect Kim Jong Un‘s regime of some of the recent cyber attacks across the globe. Suspicions remain that North Korea is behind the gathering “Lazarus”. Lazarus is connected to the £62 million heist at Bangladesh’s national bank a year ago, and the 2014 hacking of Sony Pictures.

As reported by the New York Times, North Korea employs an estimated 1,700 strong state-supported programmers, helped by 5,000 supervisors and support staff.

Meanwhile, poker players and other web based card sharks have been reminded to keep their PC frameworks clear of pernicious programming and their bankrolls well protected.

North Korea denied these allegation and accused the US and South Korea of spreading lies.

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