Someone rightly said that, ‘life has no shortcuts’. Just like any other profession, this holds true for poker as well. Renowned gaming company PokerBaazi is launching the 4th Season of The MoneyMaker 1 Crore Guaranteed. And, poker pros are already wrestling brains to find an entry into India’s first biggest online poker tournament.

Widely enjoyed as a past time, poker shuffles between casinos, tournaments and online poker games. However, a very small percentage of people pursue the game professionally. Possibly due to its unique set of pros and cons.

If you have doubts about poker’s credibility as a mind game, you must visit one of the live rooms; if not,  try to follow online games on a gaming site like To the surprise of many, mastering poker is not a one-night affair. ‘Beginner’s luck’ might work at times but if you are planning to make your presence felt in high-stakes tournaments like the MoneyMaker, you have got to grind hard!

This is what the winners of The MoneyMaker tournaments, held every two months on, had to say on this.

Rajnish Priyadarshi– winner The MoneyMaker 1 Crore Guaranteed tournament on Jan 26, 2018-  “Only proper direction and hard work makes it big!” Priyadarshi shared, “I used to write down my mistakes on my phone.” The winner reiterated the fact that lot of hard work goes behind the tables before you achieve success on the table.

Unarguably, a continuous process of learning is involved in getting your hands on this game of extraordinary skill.

A poker player makes his money by making right decisions in the long term,” says Devesh Thapar – winner of The MoneyMaker 2.0 held in December 2017.

There have been misconceptions surrounding poker ever since its inception. For a very long time, it was written off as gambling. Even today very few know about the math, science, and hours of dedication that go into nurturing poker skills

Players become successful at the game only if they put in hard work with a strong mind, over a period of time. Poker actually tests your mental strength in vulnerable situations. Upon digging deep, you will conclude that there are absolutely No Shortcuts in Poker!

A lot goes into conquering success. Only a consistent player can perform well at a high stakes tournament like the MoneyMaker. A healthy mix of focus, strategy, self-discipline, emotional stability, attention to detail and the grit to not give up is required to give you edge over your competitors.

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