Panaji: The high court of Bombay in Goa instructed the state government on Wednesday from issuing any new licenses to the seaward casinos on the Mandovi without its permission.

Parrikar additionally told the state authoritative gathering that the enactment which was established in the year 2012 forbidding section of Goans on the offshore casino would be executed with specific changes in the following three months. In yet another declaration, Parrikar additionally said that the quantity of offshore casinos in Mandovi would be limited to the existing five vessels, which would be moved to land in next three years.

Additionally, “We will use these powers in capping the number of offshore casinos in Mandovi river to only five which are existing. The sixth casino will not be allowed,” and “The sixth off shore casino can go somewhere else and can operate only if people of the area don’t have a problem,” he said.

Parrikar likewise guaranteed the House that the alteration to the Prevention of Gambling Act would be made in the next gathering session which will guarantee that every casino in the Mandovi ceases to exist after three years.

Furthermore, “We will delete the clause that allows the casino on the vessel. The offshore casinos will be given an option to move to land in the special entertainment zone where Goans would be banned from entering,” he said.

“If an off shore casino operator does not move to the special entertainment zone within three years, he will not be able to operate in the river,” Parrikar said.

The consultancy firm, KPMG has been designated to identify the entertainment zone, he added.

Parrikar also assured the appointment of a Gaming Commissioner who will be a nodal officer for the casino activities in the state.

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