Neymar Jr. quite literally became the show-stopper at the Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP) happening in Sao Paulo. The soccer-star made an entry in the R$7,000 High Roller with five of his friends. Interestingly, his electrifying entry is not quite the talk of the town. So, what is?? The final table took a pause so that the Brazilian football could accomplish his best-man goals at a wedding that evening. It was a generous gesture from the other eight players who agreed to postpone the final table until Wednesday. The BSOP, in exchange, took care of all the additional travel and stay expenses of the finalists.

The High Roller At The BSOP

The R$7,000 ($1,850 USD) High Roller is one of the main attractions of the BSOP which is evident from the 288 entries that registered for the tournament. After 12 hours of rigorous action, the field whittled down to the final 19. On Tuesday, the field resumed to zero down on the winner, until plans changed for Neymar Jr. and the day ended with 9 players for the final table.

Neymar Jr. gave a good show at the High Roller. He multiplied his starting 60,000 stacks to 1.391 million. And before calling it a day to fulfill his prior commitments, he reached sixth in chips with 1.93million. Leading the chip-count is Uruguay’s Alejandro Lopez with 2,725,000 chips. With two-time LAPT champ Oscar Alache, and reigning BSOP Player of the Year Affif Prado around, the final table promises nail-biting moments for poker fans of the vibrant city of Sao Paulo.

The first prize of the tournament is a whopping R$341,050! However, a guaranteed take home of R$35,550 is confirmed for the remaining eight.

A Look At The Final Table Scores

Player Country Count
Alejandro Lopez Uruguay 2,725,000
Wender Oliveira Brazil 2,595,000
Bruno Marino Brazil 2,260,000
Affif Prado Brazil 2,015,000
Daniel Croce Brazil 1,960,000
Neymar Jr. Brazil 1,930,000
Oscar Alache Chile 1,520,000
Eyal Benshimon France 1,310,000
Lucas Tabarin Brazil 1,205,000


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