Guruprasad Gupta, the new MoneyMaker has asserted his place in the Indian poker community. He had been a hidden gem on the and has been achieving quite a lot since 2017. But, his talent came to the fore when he took down the 1 Crore GTD tournament, The MoneyMaker 4.0, powered by 

PokerShots spoke with Gupta and this is what he had to say on a variety of topics.

Question: What made you love poker so dearly and how did your poker journey begin?

Guruprasad Gupta: I’m a mathematics teacher to engineering students. Poker is near to my heart just like mathematics as they both have probability involved.

I had started playing poker around 4 years back on Zynga poker. After being acquainted with online poker for some time, I gradually came to know about real cash games on sites like adda52, pokerstars, etc. so I started playing there. In the early days of my career, I was more of a tournament player. I had also managed to win the  Deltin Jaqk Main Event at Goa in my early days – a kind of beginners luck! Then I switched to PLO online cash games. I was doing pretty good there as well. Simultaneously, I played good value tournament occasionally.

Q: How do you define poker and how did you attain your excellence in the game?

GPG: Poker is all about putting more volume and learning new hands, every day. I have never done anything special to achieve excellence. All of it came from experience – watching videos, reading books, discussing hands, etc.

Q: What are your other interests apart from poker?

GPG: My other interests apart from poker are hanging out with friends and spending quality time with my family and kids while I take full break from poker.

Q: Walk us through your MoneyMaker 4.0

GPG: In the MM tournament I was playing like I play all other regular tournaments, slowly and steadily chipping up. Once I was in the top 25, I started playing a bit aggressively as the field was weak then.  On the Final Table, I maximized ICM pressure as every one was thinking of pay jump on the Final Table. It helped me to build up my stack…. I have busted 7 players off the  Final Table, which I believe is very important as busting other players keeps boosting your stack and you can create pressure on your opponents with it. The Heads-Up went a bit longer as I lost a major flip of AK vs 55. But then I never gave up at any stage and kept on playing my best.

Q: What was the most memorable hand in the MoneyMaker 4.0?

GPG: The most memorable hand was the winning hand – A8 of hearts vs 10 10 of  my opponent..I had gone all in, in the pre-flop. I was aggressive in my game during the heads-up and i got lucky when I needed it the most. I flopped the nut flush on the flop itself but the turn paired making me a bit nervous.Then suddenly a brick flipped in the river and wow! I AM THE NEW MONEYMAKER!

Q: Do you wish to put the prize money into any special use? If yes, please share with us.

GPG: I’ll definitely invest some of it in real estate and some for playing some high-stakes poker.

Q: Three secrets to becoming a professional poker pro?

GPG: For me three secrets to becoming a poker pro are bankroll management, patience and tilt control, and volume.

Q: What is your advice for the aspiring poker players?

GPG: To the aspiring poker players, I want to say that, ‘Poker is hardest way for easy living’. It’s not lottery. Without hard grinding, good knowledge and diligence, you cannot become a good poker player. It’s always the long run that matters.

Rapid Fire Round

Q: If you are given the liberty to choose your opponent at a particular poker hand, who would it be?

GPG: My dear friend Rajat Sharma, because then it would be fish vs fish.

Q: Tea or coffee?

GPG: Tea

Q: Worst habit of poker players according to you?

GPGThe worst habit of poker players I think is disastrous ” bankroll management “. Every one wants to become rich in a day.

Q: Your favourite strategy at the poker table?

GPG: My favourite strategy is aggressive playing in short handed table thus, creating double pressure on the opponents.

Q: Favourite cards?

GPG: Any winning hand as winning is important.

Q: Are you an aggressive or passive player?

GPG: Obviously, I am an aggressive fish.

Q: One tournament or series that you want to attend real bad.

GPG: Every poker player’s dream – WSOP Main Event.

This was all about The MoneyMaker 4.0 winner,  Guruprasad Gupta or Fish_Calling, who bagged the coveted winner’s title and prize money of 30 Lakhs. PokerShots wishes him all the best for his upcoming poker career. Once again, hearty congratulations to Guruprasad Gupta on his spectacular win!

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