The MoneyMaker 4 unveiled on the 4th of March and ended on the 5th of March, at dawn. The felt witnessed 659 players and there were 459 re-entries. The event was taken down by Mr. Guruprasad Gupta  ”  “ for 30 Lakhs by defeating ‘pokerkeeda11’ in the heads-up battle.

The MoneyMaker is a flagship tournament held by The event required ₹11000 buy-in and also allowed re-entries so that the players could avail maximum benefit out of the tournament. ensured that all the poker lovers get ample opportunity to participate in the magnum opus. The website rolled out regular satellites worth  ₹22, rewarding the satellite winners with a ticket to The MoneyMaker 4. Players could also deposit ₹30000 by punching the deposit code and secure the ticket to the tournament.

Notable players who graced the tourney were the likes of Madhur Khosla-4th Position,  Zarvan Tumboli-10th Position, Pranay Kapoor-12th Position, and  Nishaanth Shanmughasundaram-15th Position.

The MoneyMaker 4.0 Winner

Mr. Gupta holds a stellar record at At the beginning of 2017, he bagged the PPL Special Edition Package in PPL RUSH. After that, there was no stopping. During Diwali, he secured the 8th position in the HI Leaderboard of the Diwali Cash League. 2018 proved its love towards him as he took down The Marvelous March Daily Leaderboard first, and now The MoneyMaker 4. He has also won huge bonus for Royal flush 6 times.

Final Table

The Champion came across the most exciting hands in the tournament in the Final Table. Dodging his way to the winner’s title, he busted 7 players one by one. His greatest competitor plays by the ID of “pokerkeeda11”.

Just prior to the final hand, Gupta lost to “pokerkeeda11” which brought them at par in terms of the chip stack. Gupta was quite nervous at the defeat as his position of 2-1 chip lead was lost to equality with his competitor. But, great players never give up. The last hand was equally exciting and challenging for them to be the winner but the river set things straight for Gupta and the winner’s title shifted towards him and “pokerkeeda11” had to settle for the position for the first runner-up.

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