As a Poker enthusiast and an avid member of the Indian poker circuit for over a decade, 13 years to be precise, it has been an evolving journey for Madhav Gupta. From shuffling cards as a pastime to understanding the probabilities of this mind-defying game, poker has become a way of life for the ‘Baadshah’ of the gaming arena.

As Madhav opens up to share his initial introduction to the game, he takes a pause to reminisce about the good old days of playing poker with his close friends. The nostalgia brings a smile on his face as he chuckles about how a bunch of newbies fulfilled their poker cravings with Monopoly-money. Through the years, Madhav aka Maddy has, however, transformed into an expert poker player only to realize that there are many untraversed paths yet to be conquered.

The brilliance of this mind-sport does not cease to baffle Maddy even today, as he looks at the game from the other side of the felt. Not surprisingly, Maddy has the ability to contemplate the dynamics of the game; but what’s interesting is, as an intuitive innovator, he has the inclination to grow the sport to the far reaches of the country.

It is this farsightedness that led to his association with Casino Pride in Goa, bringing the comforts of home-style playing on the Casino tables of Goa. However, his endeavours have not remained limited to providing a gaming experience to an exclusive group; the poker enthusiast and entrepreneur has kept on innovating when he started the online gaming platform.

As an entrepreneur, and a player, Maddy is determined to truly invest himself for improving the picture of the gaming industry in the country. As Maddy puts it, “Gaming as an online venture was coming”. However, he wanted to take his time before taking the plunge unlike some other operators, who often lack a visionary approach towards the sport or the industry. He concurrently wanted to bring the Casino Pride experience into the digital world too, but in a feasible manner – one that would be instrumental for the gaming industry holistically.

In March 2017, Baadshah Gaming went live, and with it, a concept that is driven by pure passion and love for the game. Ever since its inception, Baadshah has been bringing about much required paradigm shifts across multiple gaming arenas. Whether it’s the structure or the schedule, Baadshah is open to changes that are in tandem with players’ requirements. It is truly a democratic concept that is set to change the way Poker and the gaming industry is perceived in India. “We are here to stay! We literally have our ships in the water anchored. So we want to build our play as India’s most transparent gaming entity. Of course, it’s going to take time and we are constantly and diligently working towards the goal. Actually, whether it’s online or live gaming, we will continue to push the envelope,” is how Maddy puts it.

On speaking about Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament, scheduled from April 5th till April 9th, Madhav stated that the emphasis will be on keeping it fun and entertaining for the players, as always. With a supporting partner like Pride, and the intent to make it experiential in terms of socialization and interaction among players, Baadshah players have a lot to look forward to at the gaming carnival in Goa, this April. The enthusiastic organizer also mentioned, “As of today, Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament is the only live rake free series in the country.”

With the years of experience and understanding that Madhav possesses, he is focused at making a substantial change through new ideas and concepts like the Mentorship program – that has been launched by Baadshah. Renowned poker pros Priyadarshini Rajnish and Eka Vedantam have been roped in to lead the program.  Madhav very rightly questions, “if you are new to the industry, you are disrupting the market space. And, if we are as old as the industry is, then what are we doing to grow the industry?” He further adds, “If we want the industry to grow, we need to grow the bottom of the pyramid. Instead of capturing already existing players, we should aim for long-term sustainability goals; And that is going to come when we add more players to the mix.”

The Baadshah head emphasizes on the need to create a talent pool by teaching more and more people about the game. Baadshah intends to open channels that will help the industry to grow and as it grows, the hope is that everyone can take advantage of the growth instead of just picking up from a stagnant pool.

Speaking on the mentorship program, he further adds that the program is not about the size of the player’s bankroll. It is going to be a platform that will extend support to all categories of players. They will have different levels of coaching from basic to advanced. With the emphasis on the aspirational value of poker, players will be nurtured to become the next Baadshah pro.

The poker industry has definitely started looking brighter in the lights of fresh thoughts coming from industry stalwarts like Madhav Gupta. As an entrepreneur, Madhav has widened his horizon to promote poker as a mind sport and skill game, instead of limiting focus on just one brand. The hope is that others will follow suit.

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