Lynn Gilmartin, who is already quite celebrated as a WPT anchorperson, is now stepping into the world of filmmaking as an actress. It had been her childhood dream to become an actress and now she is making her debut as a lead with an Australian Indie Film, ‘How Do You Know Chris?’

The indie movie sees Irish-born, Aussie-bred Gilmartin revert to the accent of her roots, her Dublin character Dot attending a party at which everybody is waiting for the host to arrive, the eponymous Chris, played by Luke Cook.

“My character is Irish, so it’s been a fun challenge to work on a Dublin accent, which my parents have,” she told PokerNews this week. She is visiting Melbourne with her Aussie boyfriend and they will be attending a party where she doesn’t know anyone.

despite what it says, this is a picture from August, 2000. 👥#HDYKC?

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Gilmartin has been an inevitable name in the WPT team since she joined season 12 back in 2013 but acting had always been on her to-do list since she was a kid.

“Acting is something that I’ve always wanted to do,” she explained, “so when I moved to Los Angeles, I took up classes again for fun, which I hadn’t done since I was a kid.”

Gilmartin has always been very sporting and adventures. She nurtures a long list of interests like ‘health coach, Jooce Bar founder, poker player, permaculture student, Wildlife Warrior and full-time world wanderer’.

Her Instagram account flaunts her adventurous life and great experiences at different places, as she travels.

‘How do you know Chris?’ is not her first filmmaking experience. Prior to this, she was seen on screen, justifying a small role in a film called “Museo” which was premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, this year. In that project, she shared the screen with the legend Gael García Bernal.

The roles didn’t just appear by chance, however, with Gilmartin grabbing the chance to take part in the intensive ‘Hollywood Immersive’ acting course, learning the ropes from the best in the business… telling her old bosses at PokerNews that starring in movies “feels both like a career and a hobby, which is a nice balance.”

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