A proud moment for the Indian poker fraternity as Nikita Luther wins the first WSOP bracelet for India this year. Along with team-mate Giuseppe Pantaleo, Luther shipped the $1K Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em. The winning team bagged the coveted WSOP bracelet each along with a whopping $1,75,805 as prize money for the duo.

Three days, two hundred and nineteen hands, one thousand and thirty-two enthusiastic teams and an eagerly awaiting crowd from India. It was evident. Indians were looking forward to winning again, this year, after Aditya Sushant and Nipun Java won the event last year.

With this victory, Pantaleo and Luther have entered the WSOP bracelet club eventually.

They Met, They Played, They Conquered

Commenting on their partnership, Luther revealed that they hadn’t planned for it. “I just randomly hit him up on Twitter, I said we should be the teams, we met once last year, and we didn’t know each other well, but now we know each other well.” Well, the partnership might have been unplanned for but, Team Pantaleo made sure their plan for victory was in sync. And, that’s why the winning happened in spite of all the odds. According to Luther, “He almost wasn’t going to play the Tag Team as he had plans to play other tournaments”, and Pantaleo mentioned, “She [Luther] was multi-tabling the $3k here, which she got seventeenth in, and she would run back and forth in breaks. She mostly wanted me to play, but it worked well when we tagged in and out.” The rest, as they say, is history.

Final Table Results

Place Team Prize
1 Giuseppe Pantaleo – Nikita Luther $1,75,805
2 Kazuki Ikeuchi – Hiroki Iwata – Sho Mori $1,08,608
3 Manig Loeser – Joelle Parenteau – Daniel Weinand $76,797
4 Alex Rocha – Megan Milburn – Joanne Milburn $55,016
5 Gabriel Neto – Carlos Caputo $39,936
6 Adam Lamphere – Ao Chen – Yijie Zhang $29,380
7 Salah Levy – Frank Mariani – Cord Garcia $21,910
8 Bon Koo – Bienvenido Caballero $16,565
9 Loni Harwood – Haixa Zhang – Kelly Minkin $12,700

The 2018 WSOP Main Event

Fans, players and followers, the 2018 WSOP Main Event is here. All you poker-nazis, brace up for an event of a lifetime. Wishing our Indian troupe the best of luck.

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