The verdict of the ongoing legal wrangle between  Leon Tsoukernik and Matt Kirk, came in favour of the latter, when the LA judge dismissed the counter-suit of Tsoukernik .  Tsoukernik alleged that Kirk and the ARIA staff took advantage of him in a heads-up battle where he had dropped a reported $3million to “Aussie mat”.

Tsoukernik claimed $10 million as a compensation against the damage inflicted onto his image.

Matt Kirk
Matt Kirk

Kirk has allegated  Tsoukernik  of not paying the remaining $2 million of the $3 million that he lost in the game, last year in May. Kirk had supposedly loaned  Tsoukernik  a number of stakes after he initially busted him, which sums up to the total amount.

Tsoukernik’s counter-suit claims that the game occurred on shaky grounds due to a couple of factors.  He charged that the ARIA staff over-served him and insinuated that Kirk “conspired with ARIA and did not disclose where he got the cash to play for nosebleed stakes,” according to Dave Ferrara at Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Tsoukernik called the game “unfair, dishonest and non-competitive” in his countersuit filing.

Krik had initially taken legal steps against Tsoukernik for the 2 million but Linda Bell, the LA district judge, had dismissed all the charges save fraudulent inducement and unjust enrichment. The court ruled the gambling debt to be unenforceable.

Tsoukernik’s claims didn’t hold good enough for Bell and she stated that “it isn’t something that any person gambling is required to tell any other person gambling.”

The charges against ARIA should be sent to the Gaming Control Board, ruled the judge.

Although the verdict directs Tsoukernik to pay all the legal fees that Kirk had to undertake, the debt saga hasn’t come to a conclusion, satisfactory to both the parties.

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