The D-Day of WPT Deepstacks Berlin 2018 didn’t favour a win for Kunal Patni. He lost the winner’s title at the Main Event to Dustin Mangold by an inch.

Mangold had put up an outstanding performance at the Main Event and bagged the winner’s title and prize money of €134,809. Patni shipped the runner’s up position and walked away with a handsome prize money of $115,368.

Dustin Mangold with Kunal Patni
Dustin Mangold with Kunal Patni

The final table commenced with 12 players who had survived an entry of  561 and made it to the finale. Patni being one of them, was leading the chip stack. One by one, the players busted in the sequence of Zikai Li , Fabrice Soulier and William Defty. Finally there were 9 players left for the Final Table.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Bulent Demirtas – 2,360,000
  2. Finn Zwad – 2,055,000
  3. Claudio Celenza – 1,965,000
  4. Tobias Mathaess – 1,795,000
  5. Ricardo Valim – 1,680,000
  6. Kunal Patni – 1,225,000
  7. Adem Gul – 1,125,000
  8. Dustin Mangold – 940,000
  9. Alescha Lechner – 875,000

By the time of the Final table, Kunal Patni had lost his chip lead to Bulent Demirtas who had stacked chips worth 2,360,000. During the final table, Claudio Celenza, Kunal Patni and Adem Gul, each lead the chip stack one by one. The elimination started with Bulent Demirtas followed by Alescha Lechner, Finn Zwad, Ricardo Valim and Tobias Mathaess (busted by Mangold), respectively. Mathaess’s elimination trimmed down the table to four players with Patni leading the chips stack again.

Gradually, Claudio Celenza (4th place) and Adem Gul (3rd place) were eliminated and it was a heads-up battle between Patni and Mangold.

In the final hand, Patni was dealt with  and Mangold had   as his whole cards. The flop round flipped  card 1 card 2 card 2 followed by card 3 and  card 3  in the turn and river round respectively. The river round declared Mangold as the winner with three of a kind of sixes (card 1 card 3 ) whereas, it was one pair for  Patni (card 2  ).

 This is what Patni’s post said post the Main Event:

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Dustin Mangold – $161,770

2. Kunal Patni – $115,368

3. Adem Gul – $74,580

4. Claudio Celenza – $53,052

5. Tobias Mathaess – $40,986

6. Ricardo Valim – $33,786

7. Finn Zwad – $27,852

8. Alescha Lechner – $22,152

9. Bulent Demirtas – $16,836

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