Juan Pardo Domíngue has taken down the winner’s title of the opening Event of Monte Carlo, the €10k High Roller. As the winner of the event, Juan has bagged €201,500 ($246,598), taking his this year’s live tourney wins to $1m.

Juan Pardo has been a celebrated online tourney poker pro over the past couple of years playing as“Malaka$tyle” at PokerStars. It is recently that he has started to play online poker. Thus he has only 5 cash games to his credit, three of which he cashed this year and they are really big ones- he finished 5th and 2nd in both the recent partypoker MILLIONS €25k events in Barcelona for $183,853 and $551,558 respectively.

71 entries were registered at the felt and the final table, going by the obvious, proffered him with great competition. They were highs roller champs like Stephen “stevie444” Chidwick, Tim “Tim0thee” Adams, Ryan “MrMaximise” Riess, Rainer Kempe, and Paul “topdoll827” Newey who had to be tackled before one bagged the winner’s title.

Juan Pardo was quite at the bottom of the chip count list whereas Timothy Adams lead the chip stack with 1m. Juan managed to survive the game with his low chip stack whereas, the two players,  Chidwick and Turkey’s Orpen Kisacikoglu who were just above him in chip lead, were railed at the 7th and 6th place, respectively. By this time, Ryan Reiss had already become the chip leader. Rainer Kempe was busted by Adams at the 5th place for  €55,000. 

Just after Kempe’s exit, Juan had to face a very tough hand where he was about to be busted at the hands of Adams but at the verge of the moment, an act by Reiss not only saved Juan but also unknowingly helped him bag a huge pot.

This pot provided Juan with the much-needed boost and soon after, he took proper advantage of Paul Newey’s short stack and busted him at the 4th place. Just after Newey bid farewell to the felt, Juan busted Reiss with pocket jacks. Ironically, the pocket jacks which are considered ominous by many poker players strengthened Juan’s position in the game.

Finally, the heads-up between Juan Pardo and Adams started, with Adams having a sizeable chip lead. Juan railed Adams with his A-K. Since Adams K-9 couldn’t save the day, he had to settle for the 2nd place, passing the winner’s title to Juan.

€10k High Roller EPT Monte Carlo Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Juan Pardo Spain €201,500
2 Timothy Adams Canada €145,000
3 Ryan Riess United States €94,000
4 Paul Newey United Kingdom €71,000
5 Rainer Kempe Germany €55,000
6 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey €42,700
7 Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom €33,500
8 Vladimir Troyanovskiy Russia €26,000

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