Daniel Jacobsen is finally coronated as the winner of the 2018 Unibet Open Malta €1,100 Main Event. Jacobsen outlasted a felt, 273 strong and walked back home with prize money of €60,090. Henri Piironen had to settle for the position of 1st runner-up and Julien Stropoli took bronze back home. Although Alex Brand started the day as the chip leader, unfortunately, he finished at the 7th place.

Jacobsen On The Final Day

9 players made to the final day and the game began at noon. One by one walked to the final table for the game. The second hand of the day was crucial as it would decide the course of the game from there on.

Nicolas Ludwicki not only got busted first but also lasted only for thirty minutes. He had to settle for the 9th place for €5,750.

The next player took quite some time to get eliminated. It was Ilkka Heikkela (8th – €7,100) who bowed out after shoving queen-eight into ace-king.

After Heikkela, Brand bid farewell to the felt within a short time. He settled for the 7th position for €8,870. He was busted by Piironen’s pocket kings for around 20 big blinds.

Kristof Segers (6th – €11,140) got busted shortly after Brand. The poker pro was busted at the hands of the king-queen of Stropoli as the river flipped another queen.

Germany’s Jan Eckert was railed at the 5th place for  €14,600 at the hands of Piironen’s pocket nines. The Finn made a straight to end the German’s attempt at Unibet Open Glory.

NEXT, Jacobsen cleared the felt for himself by busting two players at one go. More was the first one to get eliminated at the 4th place for €18,980 followed by Stropoli at the 3rd for €25,630.

Finally, it was time for the heads-up- Jacobson VS Piironen. At last, in the final hand, when Piironen went all in for the second time, Jacobson claimed the Unibet Open trophy after an offsuit four and king completed the board.

Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize in € Prize in $
1 Daniel Jacobsen Denmark €60,090 $71,408
2 Henri Piironen Finland €37,160 $43,572
3 Julien Stropoli France €25,630 $30,052
4 Roberto Morra Italy €18,980 $22,255
5 Jan Eckert Germany €14,600 $17,119
6 Kristof Segers Belgium €11,140 $13,062
7 Alex Brand Netherlands €8,870 $10,400
8 Ilkka Heikkela Finland €7,100 $8,324
9 Nicolas Ludwicki France €5,750 $6,742

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