July 15 witnessed two spectacular wins- Ranjan Choudhury took down IOPC Event #16 INR 4 Lac GTD (1100 RE) and Pulkit Goyal shipped IOPC Event #12 INR 4 Lac GTD (550 R+A). The tournaments are a part of The India Online Poker Championship (IOPC), held on The Spartan Poker.

IOPC Event #16 INR 4 Lac GTD (1100 RE)

The event kicked off on Spartan Poker at 9:30pm. 599 registered entries smashed the GTD and raised it to a whopping INR 5.99 lakh. The first 39 places cashed handsome amounts. The tournament went on since dawn. Finally, Ranjan Choudhury, who plays under the name ‘tripking’ was declared the champion. He beat ‘Spartan_Special’ in heads-up and took home the top prize of INR 1,20,100. Spartan_Special took home INR 79,847 for second place.

The tournament wrapped up in Level #43 when the blinds were running 18,000/36,000 – 4,500. Chowdhary had a 5:1 chip lead and he wasn’t afraid to go all-in with pocket Jacks, while Spartan_Special made the call with 8-10.

Although Spartan_Special was leading the game with eights and tens and the flop 8-Q-10, the turn round brought Q into the scene. This passed on the odds of winning top Choudhury who at the end took down the title with a pair of Queens and Aces.

IOPC Event #12 INR 4 Lac GTD (550 R+A)

The felt registered a massive field of 926 entries. The massive entrants took the prize pool to INR 4.63 lakh. The top 31 positions were paid out a minimum of INR 4,074.

Goyal outlasted ‘Bounceez’ in the heads-up. Goyal had a lead before the final hand was played, with 30,21,114 in chips as compared to Bounceez’s 18,81,886 chips.

‘Bounceez”, with his A-5 and Goyal, with his a-8, went all in, in the final hand. As the board flipped 3h Td 2s Ad Qh. Both hit Aces pair but Goyal won the title with his higher card, 8. Bounceez was knocked out and had to collect the runners-up prize of INR 65,931.

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