India’s Uday Bansal, 30, was crowned the PokerStars Festival Manila ₱55,000 (~$1,092) Main Event champion at the City of Dreams inside the PokerStars Live poker room on Monday.

Uday endured a field of 594 entries to hold the inaugural title, and ₱4,676,000 ($92,793) after a heads up battle with Antti Halme. Just 14 players remained when the action continued on Monday. Earlier on, the participation numbers had ensured the Main Event easily bested the ₱20 million guaranteed prize pool.

Hailing from NewDelhi, Bansal viewed himself as an amateur at the tables. He has been playing poker for the past seven years and to this date, his best performance at the felts was a decent run in the India Poker Championship for $15,942 in 2015.

A few other notable Indian players scored respectable results in this Main Event; The Spartan Poker’s Rajeev Kanjani ended up in 27th place for ₱170,000 with Siddarth Singhvi finishing 26th for ₱170,000, and Vikram Kumar managed 21st place for ₱195,000. Among the international names to feature were Filipino master Mike Takayama and four-time APT Player of the Year Sam Razavi.

Uday Bansal and Antti Halme

At the end, Uday was in heads-up with Antti Halme and both players briefly discussed a deal without initially coming to a conclusion. However, both agreed to ICM numbers in the end.

After less than an hour, Bansal started the final hand with the dominating cards.


Beginning with a much larger stack of 16.3 million versus Halme’s 1.45, Bansal saw a flop of   .There was a possibility of a chopped pot, but the turn card showed up  with which Bansal locked up the title and sent the Indian rail into ecstasy. The river card  was inconsequential, and Bansal crowned a successful series for Team India in stunning fashion.

Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize (PHP) Prize (USD)
1 Uday Bansal India 4,676,000* 92,793*
2 Antti Halme Finland 4,273,000* 84,797*
3 Michael Falcon Denmark 2,456,000 48,780
4 Mike Takayama Philippines 1,900,000 37,737
5 Jaehyun Lim South Korea 1,500,000 29,792
6 Sam Razavi United Kingdom 1,170,000 23,238
7 Kenneth Buck Australia 870,000 17,280
8 Hoa Thinh Nguyen Vietnam 596,000 11,837
9 Tien Than Nguyen Vietnam 470,000 9,335

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