The Asian Poker Tour (APT) Macau 2017, in partnership with Macau Billionaire Poker, commenced on June 14th, 2017 at the Babylon Casino in Macau.  A total of 18 events will be played in the nine-day schedule from June 14 – 22. From the opening day event, Team India has made a stellar performance, further increasing our presence on the international stage.

Opening 300K Guaranteed Event

Zarvan Tumboli, 25, shipped his first international title at the opening 300K Guaranteed event, banking HK$74,300 (~INR 6.14 Lakhs). With 139 entrants, the opening event was the sole event in the schedule with a guaranteed prize pool. Even though Zarvan joined the final table with fifth highest chips, he managed to cast out Yuan Hang Zhong at 3rd place. Ryota Hisayama surpassed 36 survivors as a chip leader but his lead was admonished by Zarvan in the heads up battle. In the last hand of the day, Hisayama went all in with and was called by Zaravan’s . The  board ensured Tumboli’s win and a grand start for #TeamIndia.

Head Hunter Event

Manoj Pentakota was another boosting Team India’s winning streak. Pentakota, hailing from Vishakhapatnam, took down the Head Hunter event for HK$47,000 for 3.88 Lakhs to win his first international title. The Vizag player isn’t new to the victory board though. He has won the DPT High Roller title previously and recently shared the DPT Tag Team title in April.

Pentakota entered the final day with the chip lead. He outran a total of 59 players to reach the title on the day.  Tetsuya Tsuchikawa with the shortest stack exited the table first at the 8th place. Next two to follow were Shuai Ping and Man Wun Ku at 7th and 6th place respectively.The dramatic  two pair over  two pair on a board of  sent Tsz Hin Ng out in 5th place.

Arjun Dhingra’s elimination on the 3rd place left Pentakota in the heads up battle against Fang Chen. Pentakota had the chip lead when both players went all-in on a flop of . A  on the turn and  on the river ensured that Pentakota’s    took down Chan’s

Final Table Result

1 Manoj Pentakota India HKD 47,000
2 Fang Chen China HKD 29,100
3 Arjun Dhingra India HKD 21,200
4 Vincent Kwun Ngai Li Hong Kong HKD 16,500
5 Tsz Hin Ng Hong Kong HKD 14,300
6 Man Wun Ku Macau HKD 12,400
7 Shuai Ping China HKD 10,900
8 Tetsuya Tsuchikawa Japan HKD 9,700
9 Jun Cui China HKD 8,800


The No Limit Hold’em One Day Event

The No Limit Hold’em One Day Event with 44 entries and HK$3,300 buy-in also saw Indians players shining. The prize pool rose to HK$128,000 with the top five players making it in the money.

Foo Hsien Loong grabbed the 5ht position. India’s Alok Birewar and Pavan Ashokkumar Gundesha were successful in moving up to the final table too with Alok leading the money over Loong when the ICM deal was struck. Birewar finished fourth for HK$27,400 (~INR 2.26 Lakhs) while Gundesha took the third place cashing HK$19,000 (~INR 1.57 Lakhs) courtesy a final table ICM deal.

The final table action was between Yue Tin Wong and Luen Kwan Kwok. Wong had advanced to the final table with a 4:1 chip lead. But soon the tables turned in Kwok’s  favour as he shipped the title with HK$27,100 relegating Wong to the runners-up position with HK$22,100.

Final Table Results

1 Luen Kwan Kwok HK$27,100
2 Yue Tin Wong HK$22,100
3 Pavan Ashokkumar Gundesha HK$19,000
4 Alok Birewar HK$27,400
5 Foo Hsien Loong HK$25,400

The Warm Up Event for HK$20,800

The Warm Up Event for HK$20,800 saw the talented Nishant Sharma bagging the 9th position, earning 1.71 Lakhs worth in Indian currency. The event received 59 entries with Yun Lam Kevin Choi taking down the event for HK$111,000.  

The final day of the Warm Up Event welcomed the remaining 17 survivors with only the top nine advancing to battle for the final title. Luen Hei Kwok followed Nishant Sharma finishing in the 8th position. Hung-Sheng Lin, Alan Lau King Lun, and Germany’s Killian Loffler were next to rail out of the final table at 7th, 6th, and the 5th place respectively. Leaving behind the strong contenders  Sj Kim and Weicong Tang at the 4th and 3rd position respectively, the heads up battle was fought between Zhongcai Peng and Choi. Both finalists advanced with equal stacks. The following two hands were quick to relegate Zhongcai Peng to the runners-up position.

Final Table Results

1 Yun Lam Kevin Choi HK$111,000
2 Zhongcai Peng HK$68,500
3 Weicong Tang HK$50,100
4 SJ Kim HK$38,900
5 Kilian Loffler HK$33,700
6 Alan Lau King Lun HK$29,200
7 Hung Sheng Lin HK$25,600
8 Luen Hei Kwok HK$22,800
9 Nishant Sharma HK$20,800

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