It is the last phase of World Poker Tour (WPT) Choctaw Main Event. Out of 755 entrants, only six players remain to play the Final Table. Brady Holiman has grabbed the seat 1 by attaining the chip lead at the end of the day and the gulf between him and other finalists is huge. Approximately, his 10.840 million chips are more than the chip stack of 2 players, combined. Thus Holiman is a chip leader difficult to reach.

2018 WPT Choctaw ME Final Table Chip Count

1. Brady Holiman – 10,840,000
2. Timothy Domboski – 5,300,000
3. Viet Vo – 4,770,000
4. Christopher Smith – 4,495,000
5. Tony Ruberto – 2,675,000
6. Anthony Zinno – 2,245,000

Holiman At the Felt

Holiman has most of the odds to him because of his mammoth chip stack. But, that doesn’t mean that he has become invincible and others don’t stand a chance. The blinds are 50,000/100,000 with a 100,000 chip ante which gives a fair chance to every remaining player.

The two bottom stacks, Ruberto and Zinno will have to make quick successive moves to climb up the chip stack ladder. As of now, it doesn’t seem that either of them is in a position to make an all-in move. Both are experienced poker players enough to take the responsibility for their actions at the felt. Ruberto has the golden feather of $3 million in live tournament in his hat whereas, Zinno is a former WPT Player Of The Year.

Holiman began the game on Monday with a strong stack and played very patiently to maintain the stature. It took him some time to gauge the felt and make his game smooth but once it was done, he consistently hoarded the chips.

Holiman conquered one of the biggest pots of the Main Event at the cost of Ruberto. There occurred a nice tug of war, both the players tugging hard from each end to bring the pot closer. But, finally, Ruberto gave up and Holiman bagged a large chunk, raising his chip stack to 6.850 million chips.

After six hours of gruesome gaming, the felt narrowed down to final 9 players, competing for the title. With every elimination Holiman’s chip stack increased exponentially.

Surely, this is Holiman’s largest live tournament cash, so far. Even if he gets eliminated in the sixth place, he would walk back with an assured amount of $95,780. And if he manages to take down the trophy, he would return home with a whopping prize money of $469,185.

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