Viktor “Isildur1” Blom proved, nothing is impossible if you have the determination when he secured a heroic victory in the final hand after a gutsy call! An absolutely stunning performance added all the spice needed for a dramatic finale of the partypoker Live Millions Germany at Europe’s most celebrated poker arena, the King’s Casino in Rozvadov!

14 hours of diligent struggle on the final table, and years of grinding at the high stakes cash tables online, eventually paid off for the high stakes cash game pro who’s legend at online games is well established.

A massive prize pool of €12.5 million and 1022 entries were the key highlights of the event.

The Final Day

The final table started with 13 players remaining and Neil Ryder was the first to walk out. Followed by Adrian Mateos, who’s ace-jack suited could not stand in front of Ondrez Drozd’s pocket queens.

Yoann Vu-Van’s seven-six suited played well against the pocket aces of Pavel Plesuv but did not last long enough and retired at 11th position. Gianluca Speranza had to settle for the tenth place as he lost his stacks against the pocket aces of Viktor Blom.

Pocket kings of Pavel Plesuv succeeded in beating Yiannis Liperis’ aces, leaving the table at eight. Aristeidis Moschonas was sent to the rail after Ondrez Drozd was able to look through his bluff. But, Drozd’s glory did not last long when a triple barrel bluff with ten-high went wrong against Pavol Plesuv and he had to settle for 6th place.

Rodaslaw Wesierski grabbed the fifth position, winning €200,000. His ace-nine of spades faced the jack-four of Rickie Silcock. Silcock ended at 3rd position after Joao Simao’s roller coaster ride fetched him position number 4 and a whopping €280,000.

Viktor "Isildur1" BlomHuge prize money, a shining Trophy, and additional €100,000 and bragging rights of course, were on the stake when Blom and Plesuv cut a heads-up deal to receive €750,000 each.

Plesuv soon went on to flopping a queen-high straight and establishing a 9-1 lead against Blom’s top set. Well, that’s when tables turned with Blom winning 3 double-ups. The final hand was quite a thrill with Blom’s king-six off, and Plesuv’s queen-seven suited. With two-hearts and one-diamond, Plesuv check-called a bet with second pair on queen-nine-king board. Plesuv got a flush draw with the ace of diamonds on the turn. He check-called the bet. The river opened five of hearts, making for three hearts on the table. Plesuv missed a flush draw and now had third pair. Blom analysed his options and decided to call with second-pair and no-kicker. Chips were verified and counted and the rest as they say is history!

Final Result Of partypoker Live Millions Germany €5,300 Main Event:

Place Winner Country Prize
1 Viktor Blom Sweden €850,000*
2 Pavel Plesuv Moldova €750,000*
3 Rickie Silcock United Kingdom €400,000
4 Joao Simao Brazil €280,000
5 Radoslaw Wesierski Poland €200,000
6 Ondrej Drozd Czech Republic €140,000
7 Aristeidis Moschonas Greece €100,000
8 Niko Wieland Germany €70,000

* represents figure after deal was reached

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