A third poker club in the state of Gujrat, and the second in Ahmedabad within a week, was raided by the police amid a suspected crackdown on the sport. The club in question is the newly opened HeadQuarters, which began operations just a few weeks back.

HeadQuarters, Ahmedabad
HeadQuarters, Ahmedabad

A report in the Times of India claimed “Investigators rounded up 20 youths, including girls.” The report also claimed that in the raid, conducted on the basis of a ‘tip-off’, the “Police seized four poker tables, cash, six cars, mobile phones and other valuables, worth lakhs of rupees from the spot.

The debacle followed a similar patter to the earlier incidents in Surat and Ahmedabad, wherein the police action was immediately followed by media coverage. It is unclear at this moment where or how the local law enforcement received the tip-offs from.

With a number of petitions filed in the Gujrat High Court on the matter, poker enthusiasts in the state are uncertain how this will play out. Some have openly questioned the actions of the law enforcement agencies as over-reaching given the pending legalities. The matter is scheduled to be taken up by the Honourable High Court on 9th June, 2017.

In a statement to Glaws, IPA Secretary KN Suresh gave his views on this new development, “The player interest is paramount for IPA. While we know that Headquarters is right and that there is nothing illegal about the activity, we think it would have been prudent to clarify as we propose to do when our matter comes up tomorrow before we resume games, it is the only fair thing to do for players.”

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