The Indian Poker League concluded yesterday, declaring the team Haryana Hawks as the champion of the tournament. Haryana hawks are associated with the most trusted Indian website for online poker, as this year, was responsible for this new team’s title sponsorship.

It is spectacular on the part of Haryana Hawks as they grabbed the winner’s title on their first participation. On their win, they bagged a prize amount of 40 Lacs. After them, the UP Indians took up the 2nd place, passing on the third place to Delhi Aces.

About Haryana Hawks

Haryana Hawks belongs to sharpest minds in India. The team owners are an amalgamation of various professions and walks of life – Pulkit Totla (ex-investment banker, FMS Delhi alumni and poker enthusiast), Nitin Maheshwari  (Founder – Director of Gajanan Group functioning in steel, real estate and logistics), Jitendra Agarwal (Practicing Chartered Accountant and CEO of Rajasthan’s best investment advisory company), Jagdeep Singh (IIM, Lucknow alumnus and professional poker player), Kalyan Chakravarthy (IIT Delhi alumnus and professional poker player), Navkiran Singh (co-founder and CEO of – also known as India’s most trusted poker website) and Pranjal Batra (IIT Bombay graduate and poker enthusiast).

One of the most noteworthy players in the team is the captain of Haryana Hawks, Jagdeep Singh. He is not only one of the most celebrated high stakes PLO players in the country but also a part of the winning team, Mumbai All Stars, of the first season. He is also one of the teams owners and has a lot of experience both in online and offline poker.

Throwback Finale

Yesterday was the Grand Finale of IPL season 2 and the day began with Ahmedabad Hearts in the lead. The Pune Kings was in the 2nd lead followed by Kolkata Diamonds.

The game was a tough nut to crack for all the participating teams. All the teams had players that each one can boast about and thus snatching the winner’s title was not easy for any of them. Haryana Hawks kept their game steady and slowly climbed up the stairs to the scoreboard.

After the 2nd session, Haryana Hawks had successfully managed to lead the scoreboard with 295 points followed by UP Indians and Pune Kings in the 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

But Ahmedabad Hearts were not ready to let go of the champion’s title so easily. Post midway stage of the Finale, although the difference in points between Ahmedabad Hearts and Haryana Hawks widened, increasing the winning chances of the Hawks, the race was a very close cut one. Ahmedabad Hearts kept no stones unturned to defeat the Hawks at the scoreboard.

But, as it is said, the best has no substitute. In the end, the Haryana Hawks lifted their much-deserved title, before the whole poker audience, with pride. Haryana Hawks ended the game with 722 points- much ahead in points of the other competing teams.

Pokershots wishes hearty congratulations to the winning team!

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