Gambling and sports betting are like the guilty pleasures of the Indian population, which is taken, keeping on the garb of traditions and righteousness. Every social stratum in India indulge in sports betting from time and again, be it a celebrity or public influencer or a daily wage earner.

Law Commission Speaks Out About Legalizing Sports Betting

On 5th July, Law Commission presented a report to Indian law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. From their perspective, the best way of bringing down sports betting is by legalizing and regulating their rules. This is because complete prevention of sports betting is impossible in a country with such a huge population and mammoth dimensions.

The Law Commission recommended the Indian Government to lift the ban on sports betting. Instead, regulate them and then put the required limitations and bans, depending on different aspects. Also, It recommended the government to keep a special check on match-fixing and sports frauds. It believes that these are offences of a high ordeal and should be punishable.

The Affect Of Poker If This Suggestion Is Realised

An official of the commission said, “We have stated that a board of experts should decide which games should be exempted.” This statement pretty much proves that the Law Commission is taking a stand for all those games which involve betting but are skill based, like poker. But, we’ll have to wait for an exact meaning of the same.

One of the strongest solutions to the problem of bankruptcy, which is caused by irrational gambling, has also been brought out by the Law Commision. Individuals who wish to indulge in this will have to link their Aadhar card and PAN card to their betting accounts. This way, the authority will be able to keep a check on their affordability. Thus, high stakes games will only be accessible to those who can afford to place such bets.

If this becomes a reality, poker will get it’s deserved stature in Indian Sports Industry. All those allegations on poker will be washed away as the true essence will come up front.

In the past, several people have sort to the Judiciary for this revolution in the sports world. Although none of the Judicial tributaries has declared poker as a luck based game or a game of gambling, poker is yet to receive it’s deserved clean chit and of course, respect. The poker world sincerely prays for such a favouring step of the government and is all ready to welcome such a positive change.

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