The Global Poker Madness Main Event, “The Nuts”, is set to make history starting from the 1st of April with the largest-ever sum of $weeps Cash in Global Poker history. The SC$540 buy-in Madness Main Event, guaranteeing a massive prize pool of SC$200,000, unfolds this Sunday at 5:30 p.m. EST. The Event features deep-stacked structure and players start the game with initial chips of $20,000.

The blinds would be variable and would increase after every 15 mins with the late registrations being opened alongside. Post late registrations, the blinds would go up after every 12 minutes till the event finds its champion.


For those of you, who think that the buy-in is in the higher range, you have satellites for as low as SC$1.50. These round 1 satellites are running all day and the winners seat into a Round 2 SC$11 satellite would get a seat into a Round 2 SC$11 satellite.

7:50 pm and 10:50 pm of each day is responsible for hosting the round 2 satellites, after which the winners will be rewarded with seats to the round 3 satellites for the SC$540 tickets into The Nuts.

The second last step, the SC$77 Madness: Extreme Satellite Rd 3 is to unveil on Saturday, 31st March at  4:20 pm. This satellite guarantees at least 25 seats and the players will receive their tickets in their accounts.

Finally, SC$77 Rd 3 satellite will fire up on Sunday at 1 pm, just before the event at 3:20 pm and guarantees 10 seats to The Nuts.

Other satellites rolling out are those for SC$22 and SC$33 which guarantee one seat each.

Remaining Global Poker Madness Schedule

Date Time Tournament Buy-in
Daily All day Madness: Mild Satellite Rd 1 (several formats offered) $1.50
Daily 7:50 PM Madness: Moderate Satellite Rd 2 [Turbo] $11
Daily 10:50 PM Madness: Moderate Satellite Rd 2 [Turbo] $11
31-Mar 4:20 PM Madness: Extreme Satellite Rd 3, 25 Seats Guaranteed $77
1-Apr 3:20 PM Madness: Extreme Satellite Rd 3 [Turbo], 10 Seats Guaranteed $77
1-Apr 5:30 PM Madness: The Nuts Main Event $200,000 Guaranteed [Deep] $540


Grab the opportunity

Since only 41 players have qualified to The Nuts so far, there is potential brewing for a prize pool overlay. This will only happen if the total number of players is less than 400. So grab your opportunity today.

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